Miley Cyrus, black mini dress and fishnet stockings | Great look

The black mini dress recently worn by Miley Cyrus has conquered the web: have you seen the photo? The American star is a delight!

One of the most influential voices on the international music scene, the former Hannah Montana still fascinates with her stunning and captivating looks. The last one is really crazy, let’s see it together.

miley cyrus dress
Miley Cyrus (Ansa)

Born in 1992 and originally from Tennessee, the former Disney starlet Miley Cyrus has now become one of the American artists most influential in the world. Thanks to the great talent like singer and actress, but also of social commitment, resourcefulness, strong character and irresistible charisma that he shows on every occasion. His too style the public really like it and there is an outfit that recently has enchanted fans all over the worldhave you seen the photo?

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After the great success achieved thanks to the Disney series Hannah Montana, the American singer and actress has long fought for audiences to see her as Miley and no longer as a fictional character in a television series. To do this she focused on his music and his personal styleexploring different musical genres and expanding his skills and knowledge.

Thirteen in total the albums released so far by the star, the last of which is Plastic Heartsa project dating back to 2020 and anticipated by the single Midnight Sky. While fans eagerly await a new album, the singer blows everyone away with a definitely perfect look.

Miley Cyrus’ mini dress

As well as with music, over the years Miley has also experimented with fashion and with hairstyle, trying at every stage to match the style with his personality. After seeing it for so many years blue raspberryfor some time now the American star has been sporting a very particular hair color never had before. Platinum blonde above and jet black belowthe new look creates a interesting contrast and highlights the singer’s beautiful facial features.

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In the choice of clothes she has always been brave and bold, finally appearing confident, charming and even sensual. In a recent shot published on social networks, we see her wearing a black satin mini dress that leaves legs and arms uncovered and that highlights his trained and slender body.

miley cyrus dress
Miley Cyrus (Instagram)

Miley completed the look with a pair of black fishnet stockings that give that touch of more femininity and highlight her long legs. Simple and at the same time very elegant, the singer’s look is just perfect!

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