Mark Wahlberg talks about his role in ‘The Miracle of Father Stu’

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USA.- Every moment of the filming of the film was worth it when he saw the result, according to the actor, because it turned out as he imagined it and has a very clear main message.

Why was it important for you to tell the story of Father Stu?

“Stu’s story touched me in different ways and for different reasons; it was similar to my own life in many ways, especially my teenage years and early adulthood, this way of wandering the streets and everything. what I traveled to find my faith, the transition that led to my career, and now my mission, is to help others who grew up like me, to dare to go out and do God’s work.

Even though Stu became a man of faith, his story is very particular, he even has a flowery way of speaking, and this is something you don’t see in stories based on religion…

Why did you preserve it?

“This is how people talk. People have many difficulties and face many challenges, Stu used to be like that. The best stories – beyond his inclusion in our film – were all those that moved me, for example his way of dealing with certain people who thought they were privileged because they gave more money or contributed more to the church than other parishioners.

The story took a few years to come out, what did you feel when you finally saw it?

“The greatest thing is that I always prayed for Stu’s intercession, every step of the way. Did I have to fight myself to death in order to make the tape? Is this what I’m supposed to be doing? Is this what he would want? All those questions.

“Somehow he was there to keep me from forgetting my homework and to remind me what this moment was really about. Watching the entire tape for the first time, my excitement was obviously uncontrollable. I was on my own problems, trying to separate them from all of this, but, well, they were happening in real time, while we were shooting the film.

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