Luis Miguel wanted to be Tom Cruise and released his version of Top Gun

El Sol de México was undeniably attractive in his youth, but even so, when the first Top Gun movie came out, he made a video clip with the same theme.

Now that there’s a sequel to top gunthe fans are going crazy remembering everything that surrounded the time and the music is one of the things that stays the most in the memory of the faithful followers of the pilot Pete «Maverick» Mitchell played by the beloved Tom Cruise.

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But you have to remember when Luis Miguel With everything and his attractiveness that made the girls of the 80’s drool, he was a little envious of how the actor looked in an aviator suit and decided to do his version.

Although the acting skills of “The Sun of Mexico” are not questionable, the singer did not venture to record a movie and did what he does best: music videos with a deep story.

It was so the clip of The unconditional, released in 1988, was set on a military base, where Luis Miguel was a handsome cadet and later became an air force pilot. Of course, the uniform looked incredible on him, that’s why thousands of women melted when they saw him like that.


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