Liliana Segre to Chiara Ferragni: “Come to the Memorial”

There Senator Liliana Segre invited the influencer and digital entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni at the Shoah Memorial, and it is immediately controversial. Social networks go crazy and on Twitter the hashtag #LilianaSegre is trending. But what is behind this choice?

According to the senator you have to adapt to the changing timesbut Chiara Ferragni, although committed to social issues, will she really be the most suitable person to raise awareness among young people on the events that occurred during the Second World War and on the deportation of Jews to extermination camps?

The combination of Chiara Ferragni and the Shoah seems to clash, and not a little. But Senator Liliana Segre justifies herself in this way, in an interview with Corriere della Sera:

Spending a lot of time with my grandchildren, I realized that the world has changed. And since as well as being intelligent and with 27 million followers, Chiara Ferragni has already engaged with her husband Fedez in civil and social initiatives, I thought she was the right person to involve.

Why Chiara Ferragni?

That the Ferragnez are engaged in social work and do charity is to be commended, absolutely.

But remember that many celebrities from the entertainment world like famous actors and actresses and VIPs do charity or actively participate in voluntary activities in non-profit associationswhether they are Italian or foreign.

To clarify the concept we will mention some, such as Angelina Jolieambassador for Unicef and recently sent to Lviv on behalf of the same organization, or Leonardo Dicaprioactively engaged in the environment e founder of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and, or again Emma Watsonappointed Goodwill Ambassadoror “goodwill ambassador”, from UN Women, the United Nations organization that deals with gender equality and the equal role of women in the world. The list goes on and on.

For Hollywood actors, in essence, it is not so strange to do charity or use your influence to raise awareness of important issues, in fact, it is the practice.

In any case, many on social media seem to support the idea and intentions of Senator Segre, but others are wondering how it is possible to use influencers to sensitize young people to historyin particular, to events related to Shoah. Is school no longer enough to involve them? To this question, Liliana Segre replies:

They are two different things: in the Italian classrooms there are wonderful teachers; however, we must accept the times we live in. Today we read less and everyone has a mobile phone in their hand.

I am simply doing what I can to make the Memorial known. Another thing I would like very much is that it was better signposted, more visible from the road or by posting signs at the level of the upper tracks of the Station.

A questionable choice

That times have changed is absolutely true and that young people are more attracted to digital and social media is equally, but the Holocaust memorial is one of the most well-known events in the world, which brings with it images of deaths, suffering and pain. Are we sure that the figure of Chiara Ferragni is in line with all this?

In her social networks, the digital entrepreneur and influencer, Chiara Ferragni, talks about her work, fashion, outfits, looks and social events. She is certainly not a historical or scientific popularizer. But what matters to the senator is that she is known and followed. A motivation that makes people discuss.

The Memorial of the Shoah in Milan rises around the dark, terrible track, from which at the age of thirteen I was deported with my father Alberto. – says the senator – From there, from that cave of the Central Station, between 6 December 1943 and 15 January 1945 left twenty trains full of Jews sent to extermination camps or loaded with political prisoners headed for Nazi-Fascist concentration camps.

It is a historic place and at my age, before dying, I would like it to be known by as many people as possible, especially by young people.

The hope of Senator Liliana Segre is that the presence of Ferragni at the Shoah Memorial can bring young people closer and sensitize them to the history and events related to the deportation of Jews to concentration and extermination camps.

Social comments

It’s like trying to “sell”The Shoah, a kind of unsuccessful sponsorship or collaboration, which would bring, yes, a huge audience, but they would mostly be onlookers who only came to see their idol. An opinion, this, widely shared on social networks and on Twitter. Here, in fact, we can read comments like these:

In my opinion, the problem is not that Liliana Segre invites Chiara Ferragni to the Shoah Memorial; the question I ask myself is which generation has been raised, if it needs Chiara Ferragni or influencers in general to bring it closer to certain things. (cit. Fabrizio); “

First they look at Ferragni’s bracelet and two minutes later at the harrowing images of the concentration camps

Only superficial curiosity is fomented“, or again: “Think about where we’ve come from” or “We are in bad condition

But they also alternate with these positive commentslike these:

Senator #Liliana #Segre asked #Ferragni for help to draw the attention of the new generations to the Shoah. The di lei is the gesture of a woman who does not give up, who loves young people, who has a modern intuition and who wants to make up for the shortcomings of school and families (cit. Cristiana RoglediJournalist)”

however liliana segre and chiara ferragni are two women I have always admired

It’s still: “Liliana Segre does everything she can to ensure that the theme of our past, memory and indifference does not concern just some but everyone and does it in a contemporary way.

Fedez invites Liliana Segre to her podcast

At the moment, however, the digital entrepreneur and influencer, Chiara Ferragni, does not seem to have responded to the appeal and all is silent. However, not to remain impassive in front of such an invitation is the husband and singer, Fedezwho wrote on Twitter:

I would be happy to invite Senator Liliana Segre to our podcast Wild MossI hope you can accept our invitation

But the senator politely refused:

I thank him but I prefer to come to them in a place like the Memorial – advises – I think there have already been some contacts and, given my age, I hope that the visit will take place in the near future

For the senator, knowing Chiara Ferragni is importantjust as important is the invitation to participate in the Holocaust memorial.

He explains that his presence can lead to the event “another form: as well as a place of history and memory, it will also be a center of study and reflection. And this evolution is a merit both of those who created it from an architectural and historical point of view and of all the children and people who, having visited it, have begun to remember.

As the senator herself also remembers, from 15 June new spaces will be inaugurated which will house the heritage of the Contemporary Jewish Documentation Center. Inside it will be possible to see all the works enriched with contents such as the unpublished interview by Corrado Augias with Edith Bruk and a film by the director Ruggero Gabbai with unpublished images by Liliana Segre thirty years ago.

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