Kim Kardashian’s ex-partner is now dating an Oscar winner

the socialite kim kardashian They have a long history of couples who are part of the world of entertainment, so, eventually, he is seen related to some famous people who now go out with their ex-partners, this is the case of Gabriel Aubriwho has been linked to the Oscar winner Charlize Theron.

Aubry is one of the most important models in the Canadian industry and with a strong presence in the international environment, which has kept him close to high profile women such as Kim Kardashian, at the time another Oscar winner, Halle Berry and currently with South African actress known for her role in “Monster” and the most recent installment of Mad Max.

Charlize Theron is dating Gabriel Aubry and thus breaks her more than 7 years of being single

Charlize Theron recently assured that she has remained single since her breakup with acclaimed actor Sean Penn, but it seems that she has finally decided to give romance a new chance in her life, as several sources claim that she has been dating Aubry in recent months. .

Kim Kardashian

“Charlize has been hanging out with Gabriel Aubry. They are very casual and enjoy each other,” a source told UsWeekly. Both have been paired before, well, in 2017 they were photographed together outside the school their children attend in Santa Monica, California.

Gabruiel Aubry separated from Halle Berry in 2010 after five years of relationship and a daughter, whom they share. Likewise, he had a relationship with Kim Kardashian for just two months between November and December 2010. We will have to see how things go between the model and Theron, who is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

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