Jennifer Lopez Opens Up About Balancing Work And Family Before Marriage To Ben Affleck

Over the last three decades of her career, Jennifer Lopez has proven to be a serious triple threat. She is a Grammy-winning singer, internationally recognized dancer, and a staple in the film industry, with credits spanning almost every genre. So how does she do it all while she’s juggling relationships and raising two kids? Well, JLo has actually been more open about her perspective on work-family balance, especially with her marriage to Ben Affleck on the horizon.

There’s no question that the newly engaged Bennifers (for the second time) are in-demand actors with busy schedules. Both, in fact, have already dropped new movie releases in 2022. They’ve been showing a united front by supporting each other on their respective red carpets, to begin with. Still, it must be a bit tricky figuring out what next projects to pursue while simultaneously planning a wedding and a future. Answering a fan’s question about her in the jlo newsletter, Jennifer Lopez reflected on when her professional focus began to change, saying:

It is very important for me, especially now, to prioritize my personal life and not just my work life. When I had children 14 years ago, that’s when I started to think differently. Things changed for me. Gradually, my perspective has shifted to a healthier work-life balance.

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