Jennifer Lopez left in tears when she was snubbed by the awards ceremony after Hustlers stint

Jennifer Lopez, a Latin global actress and pop star, has released the trailer for a documentary that gives her fans a closer look at her life.

Her new documentary Halftime follows the star’s life from the 2020 halftime show to her rekindled romance with Ben Affleck.

J-Lo, 52, offers fans a glimpse into his life and career as he continues to go from strength to strength despite knockbacks, one of which happened just a few months ago.

Jennifer, who recently appeared in the film Hustlers, failed to get a nomination for the period – and in her new documentary she saw crying over lack of recognition.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer has an exciting new documentary due out in June

She was expected to win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in the iconic film Hustlers, whose film explored the 2007 economic meltdown, following strippers Ramona and Destiny who turned to fraud to make money.

The film grossed more than $ 100 million (£ 80 million) in the United States and was inspired by a true story told by the New York magazine in 2015.

In the documentary, Jennifer was asked, “Do you think you’re nominated for an Oscar?” To which she replies: “I mean, I hope so!”

Jennifer was emotional in the clip

Jennifer was emotional in the clip

However, she quickly moved on to a scene where J-Lo was in bed crying as he said, “It was hard, I just had very low self-esteem. I really had to figure out who I was, ”after she wasn’t named.

His new documentary, Halftime, is the showcase of the “second half” of his life after reaching the age of 50 as he reflects on his career.

The documentary will premiere on June 8, opening this year’s Tribeca Film Festival before moving to Netflix the following week, June 14.


Bennifer poses for a photo after rekindling their relationship 20 years later

Her boyfriend Ben Affleck is also featured in the documentary, along with clips that show Jennifer’s passion for giving “substance”.

During a scene where the star is rehearsing for her Super Bowl halftime performance, she urged the crew to give a “real” performance as she heard screams, “I’m trying to give you something with substance, not just out there shaking our fucking asses.

“I want something real.”

The documentary will air on Netflix on June 14.

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