James McAvoy didn’t like kissing Angelina Jolie in a movie

Angelina Jolie is one of the most successful and recognized actresses in Hollywood, in addition, she is also considered one of the most sensual, so imagining that someone could feel little emotion towards her is almost impossible.

But in the film industry not everything is as it seems, and actors are not always attracted to their co-stars, as was the case with James McAvoy.

The British-born actor starred in the movie ‘Wanted’ (2008) with Jolie, in which they not only shared action scenes, but also had to film some romance scenes.

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James McAvoy confessed that he did not like kissing Angelina Jolie in a movie

Sometimes filming kissing or love scenes can be awkward for some actors, and McAvoy was one of them. Well, during the recording of ‘Wanted’, the artist had to share a kiss with his co-star, but he confessed that he was not very excited about the idea.

“It was uncomfortable, sweaty and not very nice,” James McAvoy said.

Recently, a past interview came to light in which James McAvoy explained that his kiss with Angelina Jolie was anything but romantic, because he was not prepared for it.

“You’re meant to kiss last,” he said, “but you end up doing it first thing in the morning, right after you’ve had breakfast and you’re all wrong in the mouth.”

He also admitted that he was worried that he might get turned on during kissing scenes, which increased his insecurities to star in a kiss with Angelina Jolie.

“If in this interview it is written that we had to kiss, I hope that we are professional about it and that we do not go off script,” he said by way of example.

Uncomfortable or not, the film was successful at the time and the action performances were highly praised for the skills that both actors showed, in addition to the talent that they highlighted.

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