Hugo Sánchez and Tuca Ferretti, the options for DT of La Maquina

With the imminent departure of Juan Maximo Reynoso from Blue Crossthe cement dome has two objectives in the national market: Hugo Sanchez and Ricardo Ferretti.

The ‘pentapichichi‘ was very close to landing on The Ferris Wheel with the arrival of Jaime Ordiales to the Cruz Azul board of directors, however, at that time Reynoso was the chosen one and the one in charge of giving Blue Cross the ninth league crown.

Now, the former helmsman of the Cougars is once again one of the most viable options for Ordiales, although there is also the option of Ferretti.

Hugo Sánchez as DT in Liga MX

Although the style of the ‘tuka‘ does not entirely appeal to Víctor Manuel Velázquez, his career and achievements speak for themselves. However, hiring the historic coach would not be easy, because in addition to his high financial expectations, he hopes to have a winning project.

Another of the scenarios that the cement directive has contemplated is that of the South American market, although the priority is to hire a helmsman who is familiar with Mexican soccer.

As coach of Cruz Azul, Juan Maximo Reynoso He broke a drought of almost 24 years without a League title and months later he was proclaimed Champion of Champions of Mexican soccer.

Juan Reynoso in a Cruz Azul match

Your only outstanding account will be CONCACAF Champions League, where he was eliminated in two consecutive seasons, despite the fact that the club’s dream is to be in a Club World Cup.

Reynoso will close this weekend the most successful cycle in the last 20 years of Cruz Azul, and will be remembered as a legend of the cement institution.


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