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top gun maverick photocall the 75th annual cannes film festival

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    From the age of 50, find a look and a haircut that favors us begins to be a challenge. You no longer only have to think about the hairstyle that best suits your type of face, but you also have to deal with gray hair, hair loss and receding hairline, which come together to make that time in front of the mirror more and more complicated. Of course, there is always the option of following in the footsteps of those famous men who grow their hair gray, or all those who choose to shave it to zero. Fortunately, there are still celebrities like Tom Cruise that are walking proof that you can have healthy and well-groomed hair from the age of 50. The actor attended the presentation of Top Gun: Maverick at the Cannes Film Festival, where we have seen him pose elegant as always, with his good medium hair for which many would pay even being younger than the actor. Do you want to discover his secret to look “hairy” at 58 years old? He keeps reading.

    18 may 2022, france, cannes the actor tom cruise attends the photocall of top gun maverick during the 75th annual cannes film festival at palais des festivals photo stefanie rexdpa photo by stefanie rexpicture alliance via getty images

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    Granted, Tom Cruise’s medium length may not be for all types of men, but even if you’re sporting a classic haircut, you’re bound to want the fullness, shine, and healthy look of the actor’s mane. For this reason, we are going to give you the five simplest steps accompanied by five products, so that your hair looks like that of a Hollywood star from the age of 50:

    1.The shampoo that provides density

    There are few solutions to prevent hair loss, but we can delay it and make our hair grow stronger and denser. To do this, we can use specific shampoos to add body to male hair, which have active ingredients that gradually give a more lush appearance. The formula contains biotin and texturizing polymers that remove impurities while providing that density.


        Density shampoo for men

        2.The mask to nuance the gray

        If you are one of the men who have come to terms with their gray hair, then you need a mask or conditioner for gray hair. These types of products help to shade gray hair and eliminate the yellowish tone that can sometimes remain. Don’t be scared by its blue or violet hue, they are the opposite colors in the chromatic range to yellow, that’s how it neutralizes it. Apply it once a week and voila.


        Men’s super matte mask

        3. Serums for the root


        Hair volume serum

        Like face serums, hair serums provide that extra that each type of hair needs. From a certain age, density plays a crucial role in concealing hair loss, which is why it is important to apply two or three drops with a light massage on the scalp. Like everything, the key is perseverance and patience, so the results will take weeks to be noticed.

        4.Anti-hair loss ampoules

        Realistically, hair loss is almost impossible to avoid and stimulating hair growth too. However, we can delay this process with specific products such as hair ampoules. In men over 50 years of age, this is crucial, since the process of hair loss accelerates, but with this simple two-week treatment you will be able to put the brakes on it.


        Anti-hair loss ampoules

        Nuggela & Sulé


        5.The brush that stimulates hair growth

        If you have to try a gadget for hair follicle stimulation, this is it. High-frequency brushes have become very fashionable not because they make hair grow, but because they stimulate those hairs that were already going to grow out faster. Let’s say it’s like a boost for the hair.


        high frequency brush

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