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Quantum physics tells us, at least theoretically, that travel to the ends of the universe through space-time could be possible. But, taking into account the immensity of the cosmos and that, to get from point A to point B, it is necessary to travel thousands of light years, how could this happen?

According to the mathematical theories of Albert Einstein, an exceptional physicist, there is a possibility that there is a kind of shortcut or portal in the universe that allows space-time to be “bent” and reduce travel. This hypothetical bridge of short duration is called wormhole either Einstein-Rosen bridges.

What is needed for a wormhole to exist? In the first instance, two components are required, a black hole and a white hole.

As we know, black holes are extremely peculiar astronomical objects that are found in the depths of the cosmos, they constitute the remains of ancient stars after the end of their evolution and are described as a region of space with such density and gravitational force that no particle, not even light can escape from it.

For their part, white holes are established as the hypothetical exact counterpart of black holes, that is, instead of devouring everything that approaches them and not allowing anything to escape, it is postulated that in these theoretical regions everything repels. , nothing can enter and everything that can be formed inside them will be quickly thrown into space.

In this way, it is argued that for a wormhole to exist, a black hole is required as an “entrance”, in which, the singularity (the heart of black holes), where all the known laws of nature are broken , would allow us an interstellar trip to another part of the universe if and only if, on the other side there is a white hole that can serve as an “exit”.

Even having these two components one fact must be resolved, the black and white holes at the ends of the Einstein-Rosen bridge must be linked with something that has enough force to keep the portal open in a stable way. For this it is required antimatterwhich contains mass and negative energy whose behavior is completely contrary to what we know and which, at least theoretically, could perfectly fulfill the task of maintaining the connection.

So, is the existence of a wormhole possible? The probability is really inconclusive, as for the necessary components, we recognize very well the black holes, however, as regards the indispensable counterpart, the white holes, no way has been observed by which the probability can be given. formation of these objects and, therefore, until now they are hypothetical, but this does not completely eliminate their possible existence. For its part, antimatter has not been found in the universe, but it has been observed experimentally and, finally, mathematics strongly supports this theory.

Thus, we can say that although we have no evidence of their presence so far, that does not mean that they do not exist, there is still much to explore!

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