How Kim Kardashian CHANGES Pete Davidson during their whirlwind romance as she now turns to Kris Jenner for “advice”

KIM Kardashian has had a good influence on her boyfriend, Pete Davidson, as their romance becomes more serious.

The couple have spent a lot of time together since they first closed their lips on the Saturday Night Live stage in October.

The pair first stuck on the Saturday Night Live stage in October


Pete got it


According to US Weekly, Kim’s enterprising attitude has since faded into the comedian, prompting Pete to pay more attention to his future.

A source told the outlet that “Kim made Pete grow up in a big way and think about his business and the future in a huge way.”

They also revealed that the 28-year-old sought guidance from Kim’s mother Kris Jenner as his career skyrocketed.

“He is investing, saving and thinking about longevity for the first time. Go to Kris [Jenner] for advice, ”the insider said.

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It’s not just Kris who gets along well with the Staten Island native, as Kim’s entire family has taken a liking to the comic.

“Everyone in Kim’s family absolutely adores Pete and loves Pete for Kim. He fits so well into his life and her family, ”the source said, adding that Kim’s friends also agree with the romance.

“Kim and Pete are even happier now that they can attend events together and be in public. They love to spend as much time together as possible “.

The couple kept the early stages of their relationship private before making their red carpet debut at The Kardashians’ Hulu premiere last month.

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Their relationship was also a hot topic on the reality show, even though Pete isn’t featured in any episodes this season.


Despite being more open about their relationship, their bi-coastal living situation has been a struggle for lovebirds.

Pete currently resides on Staten Island, while Kim lives in Calabasas with her four children, who she shares with her ex Kanye West.

Still, the pair are determined to make the long haul work.

“Pete has a few movies coming up that he’ll be leaving to shoot, so they’ve really spent as much time together as possible before he has to leave,” the insider added.


Last week, the Sun exclusively revealed that Kim is encouraging Pete to buy a house in Los Angeles to ease the pressure on their distant housing.

Kim is “burned out” by the flight to and from New York, where Pete lives, and she needs him to get a place closer to her.

“As loved as they are right now, there are some question marks hanging over the relationship because they’re both so busy,” the insider said.

“It’s hard to make things work when they live on opposite shores.

“Pete is considering taking a place near Kim in Los Angeles to make his life easier and to make him spend more time there – and Kim is encouraging him. At this point, his full-time move to Los Angeles would not have happened: his life and much of his career are in New York.

“When Pete is in Los Angeles to visit her, he doesn’t stay at her house unless the kids are away. Pete has met his kids, but Kim is very protective of them and she doesn’t want them to be overwhelmed or confused. “

But Kim is struggling to keep up with her busy schedule – shooting the reality show, her law degree, and struggling with all the travel she has to take to make things work with Pete. “

Kim, 41, had already talked about the King Of Staten Island actor in a ABC News prime time special with Robin Roberts.

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“I’m definitely a girl in a relationship, and I wouldn’t be with someone if I didn’t plan on spending a lot of time with them,” she said.

Pete in love has kept his romance with Kim relatively private, but he has made his passion for her known with a series of tribute tattoos.

Kim's family has taken a liking to Pete and thinks it's good for her


The couple struggled with their remote life situations


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