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In one of the last episodes of The Kardashians Kim was not afraid to let herself be immortalized as soon as she woke up. Here are the photos showing the transformation before and after make-up.

Kim Kardashian is back on TV: together with her sisters Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie and her mother Kris Jenner she is the protagonist of The Kardashians, the reality show dedicated to his family. In the episodes that have aired so far she has documented her daily life after the separation from Kanye West and, in addition to having tried to denounce those who wanted to spread an old porn video that sees her as the protagonist, she has also shown herself grappling with events mundane and business events. We have always been used to seeing her very well prepared and fully made up in front of the spotlight but she recently changed her register and allowed herself to be immortalized in an unprecedented version: without makeup and without filters.

How is Kim Kardashian when she wakes up

In the first installments of The Kardashians series we saw Khloe buy a new house but, having to completely renovate it, she couldn’t move right away. It is precisely for this reason that he asked Kim to be able to train in her private gym with Tristan Thompson (the ex-partner with whom he continues to live for the sake of his daughter True). The particular thing is that the queen of selfies welcomed her sister in an unusual and unprecedented version: without makeup and in a dressing gown. As she herself stated, she had recently woken up but this did not mean she avoided the cameras, showing great courage, since her appearance was very different from when she undergoes long make-up sessions. .

Kim Kardashian without makeup

Kim Kardashian without makeup

Kim Kardashian shows herself natural in reality show

How is Kim Kardashian natural? Just watch The Kardashians to find out. In some of the recently aired scenes she welcomed guests home shortly after getting out of bed. No sophisticated or designer clothes, she wore a maxi white dressing gown of hers from her Skims collection and left her face completely removed. Thanks to the high ponytail, she also highlighted the soap and water features, showing herself for one of the first times without filters and without artifice. Despite the absence of eyeliner, mascare, foundation and contouring, she is still beautiful, proving that she doesn’t need to undergo such intense hair and makeup sessions at all.

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Kim Kardashian after make-up

Kim Kardashian after make-up

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