Health of CdMx investigates the death of a minor with acute childhood hepatitis

Mexico City /

The Secretary of Health of Mexico City, Oliva López Arellano, reported that cause of death is being investigated of the minor who died yesterday at the La Raza Hospital of the IMSS, after allegedly having been diagnosed with acute childhood hepatitis.

In interview with MILLENNIUM Televisionthe capital official explained that It is investigated whether the minor suffered from any other disease or pathologyso it cannot yet be confirmed that the death was due to hepatitis.

-A minor originally from Hidalgo unfortunately died after being diagnosed with hepatitis. Is it so?

“It is the report that the Hospital de La Raza has given, but it is a suspected case of hepatitis, it is being seen what other pathologies and what other problems the minor had.

-Can’t you confirm that the death was acute hepatitis?

“Until now, no,” he replied in an interview with Tanía Diaz and Luis Carlos Ortiz.

López Arellano stressed that the rest of the suspected cases of acute childhood hepatitis detected in the country’s capital maintain a stable state of health; however, the etiology and the virus associated with the disease continue to be investigated.

For this reason, he stated that it cannot be said that there are confirmed cases of acute infantile hepatitis in Mexico City.

“They are stable, hepatitis is inflammation of the liver and they are looking for the cause, the etiology, they are looking for the virus associated with these cases, they have already ruled out some of the most common ones, so they are still under study,” he mentioned.

Yesterday, the capital official reported that at least four suspected cases of acute childhood hepatitis have been detected in the city, in patients of approximately eight years of age.


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