Harry and Meghan’s wedding four years later: the unfulfilled dream

After having tea with Queen of England in the castle of Windsoramerican actress Meghan Markle she arrived the afternoon before her wedding accompanied by her mother, Doria Raglanda Cliveden Housea sumptuous hotel with spectacular gardens located half an hour’s drive from Windsor and it was designed by Sir Charles Barrythe same architect of Palace of Westminsterseat of the British parliament.

To many Americans who followed every detail of the link, the images of that elegant building reminded them of the episodes of downton abbeybut for the British who saw the images on television, that was a bad omen, the first of many. Cliveden Houseafter all, had been the scene of many scandals, including a great controversy that was about to bring down a government: the famous Fragrance Affairwhere the extramarital affairs of the then Secretary of State (Foreign Minister), the Conservative John Profumewith the escort Christine Keeler They filled all the front pages of the English tabloids.

Too many previous scandals

It is not known if Meghan Markle he was well aware that this hotel – beautiful, by the way – had a horrible history, although he most likely did not spend a second on it. Of course, she had more pressing things to focus on, starting with the fact that she was to marry one of the Queen of England’s grandsons the next day, and, what was giving even more talk, her own father wasn’t going to be at the wedding. link. for days, Thomas Markle He had been starring in notorious scandals that were the talk of the whole England (and much of the world) and, fed up with so much controversy, Megan she had made an official statement to say that her father would not be present at her wedding. Officially, it was made public that her father could not travel for medical reasons (serious heart problems, it was pointed out), but nobody believed it.

When he got out of the car with his mother at the gates of Cliveden House, a few journalists asked him about it. She answered evasively. She then walked into the hotel with a big smile and settled into a grand suite that was going to cost a whopping £1,500 a night. But the price was the least of it now that she was joining royalty. Or that, at least, is what she must have thought.

a Hollywood crew

Meghan Markle greeted the team that would prepare it the next day. Daniel Martin, the famous makeup artist who has worked with actresses of the stature of Jessica Alba Y Chrissy TeiganI was already in the hotel preparing the products of Dior Y Honest Beauty what would i use There were also the two hairdressers who would attend to her: George Northwoodwho would prepare her for the religious ceremony, and the New Yorker Serge Normant, who would take care of the hairstyle for the after party. the designer of Givenchythe British Clare Waight-Keller, she made sure the dress – a simple, elegant shift gown in silk and organza with a scoop neckline and French sleeves – was perfect. Also the veil: it was five meters long and embroidered with flowers that represented all the countries of the Commonwealth.

It is not known if Meghan Markle She may or may not have slept a wink that night, but the next day she appeared radiant in the car that would transport her to Windsor Castle. The two best-kept secrets of the wedding had finally been revealed: her bride’s dress and also the tiara that the queen had left her, a bandeau diamond style art deco from 1932 that had belonged to the queen mary, grandmother of the current sovereign. Months later it was learned that she had not been the first choice of Megan -I would have preferred the Greville Emerald Kokoshnik– but the right hand of the Queen isabel II, Angela Kelly, recommended that it was not appropriate because it was not known exactly where the emeralds in the diadem had come from and it was feared that the origin was not very politically correct. From what the tabloids published, Megan he would have been furious to know that he could not carry her, and even the prince harry He would have pressed for the wishes of his beloved to be fulfilled, but finally Elizabeth II said enough. For many in the press, that was a prelude to what was to come later.

Meghan Markle’s big movie

The car stopped at the doors of the chapel of Saint Georgein Windsoraround twelve o’clock in the morning. All the guests were already inside, including the Queen of England and the Duke of Edinburgh, who had arrived at 11:52 a.m. There were, however, not too many members of the royal family, politicians or diplomats, or anyone who usually stars in this type of event. Yes, Oprah Winfrey, the Clooney couple, the tennis player Serena Williams and countless Hollywood and Netflix actors were there instead. The carpet leading to the chapel looked more like a Golden Globes parade than a royal wedding.

Surely, it was what Meghan wanted: to be crowned as the new queen of celluloid, to rise as the new Grace Kelly of the 19th century. As soon as she stepped foot in the church, she must have known that she was starring in the big role of her life.

In the first section of the church, the bride walked alone under the chords of «Eternal source of light divine“, from Handelperformed by the soprano Elin Manahan Thomas. In the second installment, she was accompanied by the Prince of Wales, her future father-in-law.

Harry was waiting for her by the altar dressed in the uniform of the blues and royals. Next to him was his brother and godfather, William. Shortly after the tabloids published that Guillermo had not agreed with how everything had happened: he believed that his brother was rushing, that Meghan and he barely knew each other.

An unrealizable dream

Basically, he was right: harry and meghan They had met through a blind date. There was a spark, of course, and they saw each other the next day, and the day after. After a few weeks they were already spending the summer together in Africa. A few months later, when journalists broke the story, Harry released a statement acknowledging that Meghan was his girlfriend and asking to be left alone. From there, her ring came quickly: he asked her to marry him in the little cottage where he lived within the enclosure of the palace of Kensington. It was a night when they were frying chicken breasts. Between round and round the stove, he knelt on one knee and, showing her a diamond ring that he had designed himself, told her about «Will you marry me?«. Seeing the boulder, she didn’t even let him finish the sentence: “Can I say yes? Can I say yes?” she asked with tears in her eyes.

Harry, of course, was very much in love with this woman three years older than him who was willing to share her life with him. He had finally found someone who wasn’t scared away by the photographers or the press, and with whom she seemed to share thousands of things. As both said in the interview they gave after making their marriage commitment public, they had big plans for the future: basically they wanted to become international philanthropists, the new saviors of the world, embrace noble causes, fight for the most disadvantaged.

Seen now, after four years, that interview already offers all the clues of what was going to happen just a few months after the wedding. The two thought they were going to become the most admired couple in the world, Brad Pitt Y Angelina Jolie with crowned heads, george Y amal clooney with tiara She was going to play the part of her life; he was going to fulfill the dream of continuing the legacy of his mother. They were all good intentions, but too megalomaniac and, deep down, unrealizable.

A nightmare

By the time they left the church already converted into husband and wife, as well as dukes of Sussex, earls of Dumbarton and barons of KilkeelBoth believed that this was the beginning of a meteoric career. But soon they came face to face with reality: the palace treated them as what they were (the sixth in succession) and they did not achieve the stratospheric fame that both thought would come to them after their wedding. The acts to which I sent them buckingham they were bored, they couldn’t find a subject to their liking and the envy within the institution – which must not be few, far from it – ended up discouraging them.

She would admit in a famous interview with Oprah Winfrey that she had suffered from racist comments from the beginning and, despite the joy at the arrival of archie (later it would be born Lilibet), the situation became so suffocating that he had suicidal thoughts. HarryDesperate for his mother’s story not to repeat itself, he put her on a plane and rushed her out of the house. England Course to Canada. They stayed there for a few months until they settled in California. As the economic allocation they received was not as succulent as she would have thought, they immediately decided to leave the royal family to be able to sign commercial contracts. The press dubbed him the megxit.

Harry Y Megan they thought they would succeed and, as far as is known, they still do. But everything seems to indicate that, four years after his spectacular wedding, his wake has faded.

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