Feel like Tom Cruise for a day and put on the Maverick helmet in ‘Top Gun 2’ with this application

ANDhe next Thursday May 26 premieres in Spain ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ and there are already many fans of the movie Tom Cruise eagerly awaiting the arrival of the sequel.

a second part that, despite having been marked by some controversy (the actress was removed from the first film because she had aged poorly), has triumphantly reached its destination 36 years after the premiere of the first aerial adventure.

Of course, the marketing of the 80s has nothing to do with today’s, that’s why Paramount has released a free online application in which we can discover not only our pilot nickname, but see ourselves with our official personalized helmet from the movie.

You know, topgunner friends, if you wanted to be Tom Cruise, this is your moment.

How the ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ app works

To start, we must access the following link to start the game: https://apps.paramountpictures.com/movie/topgun/callsign/es/

Once inside the web, the first thing we must put is our name. From there, the website will ask us to access the camera so that we can see ourselves with the helmet on, giving us a choice between warm or cold colors for the helmet.

After choosing our favorite colors, we will only have to answer a few questions about our personality and… Done! After a few seconds, the application will generate our topgunner helmet with our nickname engraved on the front of it.

In addition, the web will give us several options last minute: take a picture with the helmet, modify it or start the game again.

And you, are you ready to take to the skies in ‘Top Gun 2’? On Thursday 26, final take off in movie theaters.

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