‘Fast X’: Vin Diesel and Jason Momoa show off their car from the set

The shooting of Fast X It is now in its fifth week. The new installment of Fast and Furious is postulated as one of the most epic in the saga, which despite the drop in the direction of Justin Lin has found refuge in the arms of Louis Leterrierwho does not seem to have as many problems with the behavior of Vin Diesel in the set. The actor who plays Dominic Toretto has now shared a video with Jason Momoa, who will play the villain in the film and who recently had problems during his visit to the Vatican, where they show one of the vehicles from the film. Laughing, this is how the two “brothers” show it:

Both actors are shooting right now, from the looks of it, a new action scene. hopefully Fast Xin that sense, be a true light show, because the saga will throw the house out the window with this area, taking into account that it is the final stretch of the first saga of fast and furiouswhat be divided into two parts like many of today’s blockbusters. For now, it seems that the cars will continue to be the main course.

Very good vibes on the set of Fast X

The feature film will feature other stars such as Alan Ritchson, Brie Larson, Daniela Melchior or Charlize Theron, who also shared a photo from the shooting set a few weeks ago. The one who will not be present will be Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, who is clear that he does not want to work with Vin Diesel again after the problems they had in the past with Fast and Furious.

Yes, keep in mind that The Rock will stay glued to the franchise by expanding his own spin-off with Jason Statham: Hobbs&Shaw. In fact, there are already ideas for a sequel, which could be announced at any moment.

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