Couple tried to imitate Titanic scene, fell into the sea and it all ended in tragedy

It is enough to say “The Titanic scene” for the image to appear: Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet) perch on the railing of the prow of the mythical ship and, extending their arms, make as if they were flying over the waters of the Atlantic.

In fiction, everything went wonderfully and the romantic moment was crowned with a kiss. However, a very different fate befell a couple in Turkey when they tried to imitate the scene.

They were out on a fun trip and decided to use the late afternoon fishing off a pier in Izmit, Kocaeli province.

To relax the hours, according to the authorities, they wore some pompadours that excited them to imitate the iconic moment from the James Cameron movie.


Both were encouraged to cross a security chain to position themselves on the edge of the pier. When they were getting ready to show off with their representation, they lost their balance and fell into the waters of the Marmara Sea.

According to the Daily Star, both were left adrift, after which a group of fishermen came to rescue them, stretching out a kind of oar or fishing rod. Mine Dinar, 23, managed to hang on to one end.

However, his partner, Furkan Ciftci, of the same age, did not have the same fate, so he was swept away by the current, his body being rescued three hours later. In the meantime, she was taken to a hospital.

“We drank alcohol and then we wanted to do a Titanic pose,” she summed up the tragedy. “We lost our balance and fell into the sea.”

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