Britney Spears “falls in love” as a child on her trip to Mexico after losing her baby

Britney Spears touched his fans around the world by revealing the meeting he had with a girl during her most recent trip to Mexico, this after announcing the loss of her baby. The girl and the pop singer had a connection that they showed in a video posted on their social networks.

The interpreter ofToxic‘ indicated that a few weeks ago he traveled to the beaches of the Aztec territory, but it was until this Thursday that he was able to make a clip compiling the best moments of this adventure. “This is a bad video I put together from Mexico… it was great!!!”, the singer placed in the description.

Girl conquers Britney Spears

The singer, who a few months ago was released from the guardianship of his father James Parnell Spearsfocused her publication on an encounter she had with a little girl, who she said looked at her from far away, so she went to the girl and immediately extended her arms to carry her.

“Most babies this young are extremely cautious and if someone new holds them, they move away from your face! It was so weird…He looked at me from afar and I had to get closer! I stood there and then she spread her arms“He said in the description of the video in which you can see how the little girl is very comfortable being carried by Britney.

“I held it for a while and then it went right into my face! she was not afraid !!! She took off my glasses and She looked me in the eyes… I kissed her and fell in love instantly!!! I was like “shit!!! Her mom is here… it’s going to be fucking weird if I keep holding this baby” so I gave her back to her mom… so she did… she put her arms out again!!!” ‘, who was very surprised with the unknown girl.

“This baby who had never seen me a day in her life loved me… her mom then left… It was a moment I will never forget!!!“, concluded the interpreter of ‘Crazy‘ Y ‘Baby One More Time‘ the description of the video where he also showed other moments, such as his activities on the beach and his topless walk, which generated a lot of controversy on social networks.

Britney Spears loses her baby

This post comes just a week after Britney Spears, 40 years old, inform her fans and the media that she had lost the son she was expecting with her boyfriend, the actor and model, Sam Asghari. For a long time, the pop singer had stated her desire to become a mother for the third timebut his father had not allowed it.

“It is with our deepest sadness that we have to announce that we have lost our miracle baby at an early stage of pregnancy. This is a devastating moment for any mother or father,” he posted on his Instagram account.

Britney Spears wants to be a mother for the third time Photo: IG @britneyspears


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