Belinda’s mother is compared to “Miranda” from “The Devil Wears Fashion”, a makeup artist tells the story

This Wednesday, May 18, Christian Nodal surprised everyone with the publication of a screenshot of a chat he had with his ex-fiancée where Belinda is clearly exposed how she asks for money not only for personal things but for her parents.

This is how Nodal made it clear that the reason he would have ended up with Belinda would have been for money, since the one born in Caborca, Sonora wrote that it was more than two decades that the parents of his ex-fiancée would have taken advantage of her and her Profits.

Photo: Screenshot

Given this situation, new details about Belinda’s relationship with her mother on a professional level have come to light, because now a young woman who is dedicated to professional makeup used Tiktok to tell her experience working with the interpreter of “Bella Betrayal” and her mother.

Is Belinda’s mom the one holding the reins?

And it is that according to the user known as GaboPhotoBox, she worked in the presentation parade of the collection in which Belinda worked in collaboration with a famous clothing store, it was then that she noticed that Belinda’s mother was in charge of approving or not all the makeup, costumes and others.

According to the tiktoker, she thought that it would be Belinda who would be demanding with each of the details of the catwalk, according to GaboPhotoBox, in this type of event, everything is previously authorized, so as not to waste time and make everything more agile.

“The look was like little colored freckles, the idea was that all the models had like Belinda’s vibe, with skin like little freckles… in that, you begin to hear how when “Miranda” arrived at her office (doing reference to Meryl Streep’s character in “The devil wears fashion”) and everyone starts: ‘she’s here, she’s here, mama Beli, mama Beli’, in my head it was that Belinda had arrived, but no, the one who had His mother arrived, ”said the tiktokter in her video

According to the young makeup artist, when Belinda’s mother arrived at the area where the models were, she ordered them to wash their faces since she had not liked the makeup at all and when they tried to request the authorization of the protagonist of the new Netflix series “Welcome to Eden”, Christian Nodal’s former mother-in-law refused.


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