Anne Hathaway arrived at Cannes 2022 in a colored jumpsuit

Anne Hathaway just landed yesterday in Cannes 2022 with the pair of nordic tennis most comfortable and the coolest baggy suit and has already been sheathed in a colored jumpsuit. Year after year, this city on the Côte d’Azur welcomes the actresses most glamorous in Hollywood, a tradition that began 75 years ago. From María Félix to Salma Hayek have walked its red carpet, and its importance for cinema (as for fashion) can only be compared to that of the Oscar Awards. So it’s no wonder the actress looks more fabulous than ever with the help of an arsenal of designers, stylists and makeup artists who take care of even the smallest detail (we’re talking about Anne Hathaway, after all).

Since the beginning of Anne Hathaway’s career, her appearances on the red carpet have been very versatile. she has carried dresses sequined mermaid cut by Armani Privé, romantic lace designs by Valentino and that pink Prada dress with which she received her first Oscar Award and that for years gave much to talk about. On this occasion, she has decided to dazzle on the French Riviera with a jumpsuit colorful print that made her look like what she is: a movie star.

How is the colored jumpsuit that Anne Hathaway wore to Cannes 2022?

The actress was all smiles outside her hotel.

Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

The actress is at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival to present her new film Armageddon Time. Along with legends like Anthony Hopkins and Jeremy Strong, Anne Hathaway brought to the screen a story about the American dream and the importance of family. What are you wearing to talk about this movie? The jumpsuit colorful perfect for strolling along the French Riviera. Printed from head to toe and with a cropped jacket tied on her chest, the actress did not go unnoticed when leaving her hotel.

But neither should we lose sight of its accessories, since these are the ones that complete a look which in itself is already perfect: some big sunglasses and squares, a small tote bag and some black sandals showing off a flawless red pedicure (a great reminder to make a salon appointment if you haven’t already).

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