Amber Heard explains her version of the feces found in Johnny Depp’s bed

The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard to determine which of the two is committing a crime of defamation continues after almost a month of proceedings. A legal battle that began in mid-2019 and is being played in the courts of Fairfax County (Virginia, USA), where all the secrets of the most intimate life of the one who was married for 15 months; a relationship marked by violence, alcohol and drugs.

Dramatic and embarrassing episodes that have marked the image of both, especially that of Amber Heard, whom her ex-husband’s legal team considers responsible for, among other things, fecal remains in the bed in which the actor slept, a few days later to separate.


Amber Heard assured that at that moment she was not “for jokes”, but worried because she was going to take the step to leave her ex-husband.

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A “joke” in bad taste that Amber Heard wanted to explain on her turn to testify. The actress insisted that the incident was not her fault, and discovered the real culprit: Depp’s dog, Boo, who was just a puppy at the time and had accidentally consumed marijuana that the actor had stored. An accident that caused the dog to defecate on the bed by mistake, after she and her friends left the house for the Coachella festival.

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

@latinus_us Amber Heard assures that the feces in Johnny Depp’s bed were not hers, but the dog’s. #Latinus #InformacionParaTi ♬ original sound – Latinus

Obviously, Johnny Depp had another version of events, pointing out that the fecal remains were too large in size to be from the little pup. Some remains that the actor declared that, in his opinion, were human, and that it was a moment “so out of all, so bizarre and grotesque, that I could only laugh.”

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A version supported by Starling Jenkins, who worked as a driver for the couple during that time and who confessed that the actor had told him that he had been the victim of a prank gone wrong. Amber Heard wanted to deny that testimony, assuring that her mood then was not in the mood for jokes, since she was determined to file for divorce.

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