Vince Russo reveals why Sasha Banks and Naomi did the right thing by leaving WWE Raw

There are many people who have given their opinion about what happened on Monday on Monday Night Raw between Sasha Banks, Naomi and WWE. Those closest to the company have not expressed their opinion openly, possibly for fear of reprisals, or simply because they think that everything is part of a work.

The one who did want to comment on the matter is Vince Russo, former creative of the company. Through his Legion of RAW podcast program, Russo recalled something very important about the contracts of WWE superstars, and that is that the workers are actually independent contractors, so they can decide whether to accept according to what working conditions.

“Sasha Banks and Naomi did not cross the line. And I love this,” revealed VInce Russo in Legion of RAW. “I’ll tell you why, Chris, because we don’t take one thing into account, and you and I have said it over and over again. If these fighters are independent contractors, then that’s part of the deal, bro. Part of the deal!” That is, they go to work; are independent contractors; this is what we want you to do tonight. ‘No, I’m not going to do that tonight.’ An independent contractor can make that decision and make that choice.”

In the last few hours, more media have joined the round of information on this matter. Wade Keller, from PW Torch has assured “100%” that the departure of Sasha Banks and Naomi from the venue where Monday Night Raw was held was real.

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