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Los Angeles — From New York City, TelevisaUnivision announced through its Upfront 22-23 the strategy and the changes in approach that they are implementing for the transformation of their Univision, Unimás, TUDN and Galavisión products that are airing and the reinforcement and confidence they place in their ViX and ViX+ streaming platforms.

In an event held at the Javits Center in the Big Apple and which was broadcast digitally, the Spanish-language content and media company had the presence of some of its network talents to present the visual offerings they have prepared for your Hispanic audience in this country through its all platforms, in addition to making clear its capabilities to achieve “rapid growth in all aspects of the business” and thus generate more value for brands to reach and attract Hispanics in the United States. Joined”.

“We are putting more investment, more momentum and more growth behind our ability to inform, empower and entertain the Hispanic community, and provide opportunities for all of you to grow with us,” said Donna Speciale, President of Sales and Marketing for TelevisaUnivision US. , in charge of opening the presentation and surprising with her freshness and dance skills from the stage.

In this approach to transformation and meeting the demand of Hispanic audiences on streaming platforms, TelevisaUnivision has apparently decided to pin much of its hopes on ViX. Pierluigi Gazzolo, Chief Executive Officer of TelevisaUnivision’s transformation office, who was also present at the gala, mentioned the company’s idea of ​​reinforcing the proposal and value of ViX, the global AVOD and SVOD streaming platform in Spanish for two levels.

To this end, Gazzolo took the opportunity to announce the arrival of several productions that will provide more original content to its audience. “With ViX we are not reusing our TV offer. We are investing a significant amount of additional dollars in content and sports rights far beyond our networks, ”he said before revealing one of the news that his audience has been waiting for the most, the return of the presenter Karina Banda to“ Falling in love ” .

Karina Banda, the charismatic Mexican presenter, together with her husband Carlos Ponce will host “Enamorrnos, La Isla” (Enamorrnos, The Island – provisional title), a reality show dedicated to finding true love, but this time they will follow 16 participants who will be taken to an island located on the southern coast of Turkey in the hope that they will find their better half. “Falling in love, La Isla”, which will be available in the United States and Latin America, will thus feature television presenter, actor and singer Carlos Ponce, who recently participated in other projects in the competition, but has now decided to share cameras with six-time Emmy Award winner Karina Banda, his new wife through the ViX platform. Both were present at the presentation gala and were very enthusiastic about the announcement.

Through a video link, the Colombian actress, model and businesswoman Sofía Vergara announced the premiere of the new animated series based on her successful movie “KOATI” and that it will arrive through the Vix platform, which will expand the story of these animated characters in a series aimed at families with children between 2 and 7 years of age. “ViX and I are very excited to further explore the world of film with a new animated series,” said Vergara, adding that this was the perfect place to continue expanding the product that has been his team’s for a long time.

“KOATI is a beautiful animated film that was born from the pride of Latinos in our culture and our sense of responsibility to bring to future generations a powerful message that our value and legacy. ViX fits perfectly with this vision, because like KOATI, it is content made by Latinos, for Latinos. I am very excited to embark on this new chapter,” concluded Vergara.

Gazzolo also said that Vergara thus joins the group of creators and screenwriters who develop exclusive content for ViX and ViX+, such as the Mexicans Eugenio Derbez and Salma Hayek, as well as the American star, of Mexican descent, Selena Gómez and the writer of Peruvian origin Mario Vargas Llosa.

For his part, the president of Univision Television Networks, Luis Silberwasser, was also invited to the stage and was in charge of making known how the company has reinforced the growth of the ratings in all its main television networks, which have risen down 7% in the season to date. “We are the fastest growing set of television networks in the media space, with the perfect mix of compelling stories and events that create great cultural moments and are seen live,” he said.

He added that TelevisaUnivision believes in the “power of broadcast television and that is why today we are announcing new entertainment and fiction formats, new and relevant musical proposals and new soccer rights to drive even more growth.”

Among the new proposals that were presented on the giant screens of the Javits Center was the premiere of “Forever: Selena”, a new two-hour live music special in tribute to the late Selena Quintanilla.

Another of the releases will be “At night but without sleep”, hosted by the actor and entertainer Adrián Uribe, who will host a nightly program with the touch of comedy that characterizes him, where he will share and talk with talents from music, film and television. television, as well as creators of digital contents of the Latin culture.

Meanwhile, the host of the TUDN network, Adriana Monsalve, called Oswaldo Sánchez, former star of the Mexican National Team, and Landon Donova, former captain of the US National Team, the so-called Captain America, to the stage for the announcement of the return and renewal of the Gold Cup. This project, which is a multi-year media rights association with Concacaf, gives the channel exclusive broadcasting rights in Spanish for future editions of the Gold Cup in this country. Both Sánchez and Donovan have been representatives of these two traditionally rival teams that will now return for the golden trophy. In more than soccer, but at the club level, they will also be bringing the best matches of the popular European Champions League to the fans.

Series and novels, but also the “series”

One of the announcements that attracted the most attention was the arrival of “Serielas”, a new fiction format that unites series with telenovelas, that is, telenovelas brought to a shorter format that will be broadcast on Univision during primetime 10 pm Among the proposals announced on this occasion at the event by the Mexican actress Fabiola Guajardo and the hosts of “El Gordo y la Flaca” Lili Estefan and Raúl de Molina, highlighted “La madrastra” and “Primero tú”, among others .

One of the projects that will undoubtedly captivate the audience is the installment of “La desalmada 2″ again starring José Ron and Livia Brito, who return for a second season after the great success that “La soulless”. The story focuses on the life of Fernanda Linares, who, after avenging the murder of her first husband, focuses on regaining her husband’s trust. However, her past haunts her as Agustín tries to destabilize her new marriage and turn her husband against her.

The story of the Mexican singer Gloria Trevi is also another of the proposals that the network has for its audience in the 2022-2023 season. “Gloria Trevi” is the story of the most daring and avant-garde star in Latin America. It is a production that covers her life from childhood and her rise to stardom, to the scandals that accompanied her. It will be produced by Mexican Carla Estrada.

Muero por Lola (I’d Die for Lola) – Lola, an outgoing Spanish secretary living in Mexico City, becomes by chance the co-owner of an old and luxurious funeral home where she works in association with Matías, the main owner of the business. . Lola is a confirmed single woman in her forties, who has always fought for her own space, freedom and privacy, and who overnight (and almost by accident) becomes the adoptive mother of Iker, an orphaned teenager and troubled who is seemingly unbeatable when it comes to dealing with everyone except Lola. (Primetime – Univision).

There will also be “La inheritance”, which is currently being broadcast in Mexico, and will now be broadcast by TelevisaUnivision in the United States. The story tells of the death of a successful patriarch of an avocado plantation, whose death will drastically change the lives of his children when a beautiful young woman appears who claims to be the unknown sister. Michelle Renaud, Matías Novoa and Daniel Elbittar star in this story produced by Juan Osorio, known for his productions “My husband has more family”, “Single with daughters” and the most recent “The last king: The son of the people”

Meanwhile, “Crown of Tears 2″ will also hit the screen after the shocking ending of “Crown of Tears”. It is the story of Refugio and his family coming back to face emotional and moral struggles as he tries to unite his three children, who are at odds over love and money. Victoria Ruffo, José María Torre, Alejandro Nones, Maribel Guardia and Ernesto Laguardia star in this story produced by José Alberto “El Güero” Castro.

On the other hand, the Unimás network will also have its entertainment proposal with “Sit down who can, a live show with celebrity news content, opinion segments and debate between a panel of journalists, network talents, experts in social networks and, for the first time, the participation of representatives of the audience.

The gala also included the participation of the host Alejandra Espinoza, who welcomed the Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra to the stage, who, in addition to accompanying her, offered a brief musical show with the best of her musical repertoire, including the hit she sang in the recent Oscar ceremony “Dos Oruguitas” and his mega hit “Red Heels”, which he sang accompanied by several dancers wearing scarlet shoes and wasting sensuality.

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