Top Gun: Maverick | Tom Cruise would never let the movie premiere on streaming services

Top Gun: Passion and Glory – 54% is not only a classic film, it is also one of the most important titles in Tom Cruise’s career, as it helped to popularize him among a more friendly audience that began to see him as an action protagonist. For years, the actor refused to participate in a sequel because he considered it an unnecessary risk and an automatic error, but despite this, the tendency in Hollywood to exploit nostalgia accommodated the entire context to find a good story within this world. Cruise was key to getting the project off the ground, but he had his terms to agree to, including that the film have a theatrical release instead of streaming services.

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Although it is true that the scenes of Top Gun: Maverick – 95% will be more enjoyed on the big screen, the plans for its release changed several times. Initially, this late sequel was supposed to hit theaters around the world on July 12, 2019, but the production had certain delays that made Paramount decide on a premiere in 2020. In the end, this plan did not work either because the global pandemic stopped production. industry entirely. After another five changes in its dates, the premiere was finally agreed in May of this year, four years after filming began.

The good thing about this is that the first reactions have been really positive. In addition to the action scenes, free of CGI, critics consider that it is a very worthy sequel that takes the time to introduce a new generation without neglecting the protagonists of the original film. The general opinion so far is that it is the best summer movie and one of the best releases of the year, something that could have been very different from having premiered on the Paramount+ streaming service.

The pandemic caused serious changes in Hollywood. In addition to applying strict health protocols to avoid contagion, it was tested how large production companies should work on those projects that they had already finished and could not release. The companies first tried to be patient, and it was said that the peak of the pandemic would not last that long, but it soon became clear that things were not that simple. A race against the clock began and streaming services were launched to avoid leaks as much as possible and secure their economic interests a little.

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Disney decided not to release big Pixar titles like Soul in theaters 97% and Luca – 89% to give them a single slot on their app, while HBO Max began a limited-time billing proposal before hitting their catalogue, something they first experimented with Wonder Woman 1984 – 76% and Godzilla vs. kong- 85%, and to date they continue to improve. These steps caused many to wonder if Top Gun: Maverick I would have to do the same to satisfy the fans, but now we know that this was never an option, because Tom Cruise He had decision-making power in this regard. The actor is in Cannes to promote the film and at a press conference (via Variety) explained the position he took to release it in theaters:

That [estrenar en streaming] It’s not going to happen. Never. I’ve spent a lot of time with theater owners. The people who serve the popcorn, the ones who make this possible.

In an attempt to support them morally, Cruise spoke with several theater owners reaffirming that he would be in charge of releasing these films that would generate many millions at the box office:

Please, I know what they are going through. You should know that we’re doing Mission: Impossible and Top Gun is coming out.

I make movies for the big screen.

At the press conference, the actor also revealed that he goes to the movies a lot to support the industry, buying his ticket and sitting next to the rest of the audience.

It is well known that although Tom Cruise He doesn’t handle screenwriter or director titles, he does get deeply involved with each job he does. For Top Gun: Maverickthis trend was followed and he set certain conditions to return as the protagonist and have control over the film, from its premiere to the way they would shoot scenes in the most realistic way possible, something that was only achieved with hard training by which all the actors had to go through.

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