Tom Cruise and how to dress well (and powerful) if you are short

Tom Cruise he is not the tallest in the world, but that does not matter, he knows how to compensate for that to look bigger, more powerful and imposing, even when he stands next to other actors who are a few centimeters taller than him.

what about Tom Cruise It’s that she has a huge personality and a presence that’s hard to ignore, plus she knows very well how to dress her body to get the most out of it and not get lost among the others. For him, height is not a complex or a problem (and it should not be for anyone), but simply a point to consider when dressing.

Now that he’s back with Top Gun: Maverickit is evident that this actor is immortal, or at least that he is one of those who looks a little better every year, and that he is a master of subtle style and simple elegance, and this is why he always looks perfect wherever he is .

Besides, Cruise (which also has some keys to not age) has the uncanny ability to grab attention and become the center of any situation, inside and outside his movies, and although clothes are not everything, they are certainly an important element in all of this, and leaves us with some key points to pick up on.

Tom Cruise and how to dress well (and powerful) if you’re short:

dress in one color

The monochrome lookMark Cuthbert

The style monochrome it’s classic and it’s an easy way to dress well without giving it much thought, but it’s also especially good for short men (or women) as it creates a straight line visual effect that helps add a bit of height, lengthening so much the legs as the torso.

A tighter fit

Cruise is not a man who is a fan of oversized trends and styles, this is because, when you are short, an oversized, baggy or long garment can eat you up, and creates the illusion that the clothes are too big for you and not too big. intentional way.

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