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They were only able to save the woman who was clinging to the end of a fishing rod.


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They were only able to save the woman who was clinging to the end of a fishing rod.

Authorities found Furkan Ciftci’s body two hours after he fell into the sea.

In the northwest of Turkey, in the city of Izmit, A young man drowned trying to recreate the iconic pose from the movie ‘Titanic’, in which Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet have their arms outstretched. The young couple was on a fishing trip in the city, on the night of Sunday, May 15.

Local authorities identified the young men as Furkan Ciftci and his girlfriend Mine Dinar, both 23 years old. Before recreating the scene, the couple was drinking alcohol, so they thought it was a good idea to cross the security chain that prevents people from falling into the sea.

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According to the British newspaper ‘The Daily Mail’, when the wedding couple fell into the sea, some fishermen who were in the area went to help them. However, they were only able to save the woman who was clinging to the end of a fishing rod.

Instead, the groom did not have the same luck and disappeared under the waves. Different emergency teams arrived at the scene, but managed to get the body out of the water almost two hours after the fall, according to Turkish media.

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In the meantime Dinar was taken to Kocaeli State Hospital, where she is still recovering. According to local media, the young woman said that at that time they thought it would be fun to recreate the scene known as “I’m flying.”

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