this is the Nissan credit with which young people can release a car

For two years, Nissan, through Credit Nissanhas granted 250 credits “Career Plan. Your Nissan Credit”financing for young people from 18 and up to 25 years acquire his first nissan car.

The 42% of those credits granted have been to buy a Nissan March, however, young people can purchase any vehicle of the entire Nissan range, including sedans such as Versa and Sentra or crossovers such as Kicks, and even the automaker’s electric Leaf.

“Career Plan. Your Nissan Credit” It is an initiative of the automaker supported by its financial arm NR Finance Mexico. The credit was born two years ago and was adapted to the youth needs.

According to Nissan, this segment of the population hard to get credit for your short age and by not have a credit history. Therefore, financing is adjusted to the credit or financial situation of young people.

So you can get a “Career Plan. Your Nissan Credit”

If you have between 18 to 25 years old Y you are studying, no matter what educational level you are studying, you can apply to obtain this financing and thus buy your first Nissan car in your name. Another requirement is not have a credit history.

young man driving

According to the automaker, by acquiring the financing you will obtain different benefits such as start a credit historyat the same time as share ownershipthat is, the student will be the holder of the credit, while a direct relative subject to credit and capable of supporting the operation, may act as co-holder.

In addition, when contracting the credit there is a sum insured for 500,000 pesos for coverage of college expenses in the event of the death of the joint owner.

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