The video of Cardi B changing her diaper (to the soft toy)

The American rapper Cardi B29, shared on Twitter a video where it shows, step by step, how to change diapers even with super long nails like yours.

In the video Cardi B explains that it is now definitely used to it to do everything with long nails, having them like this since he had 10 years. And also with regards to changing diapers, Cardi B showed that long nails are certainly no problem. “Believe me, you’ll get carried away! However, I think guys are harder to clean, they have more crevices“, Wrote the rapper in the caption of the post, published on her profile Twitter.

The rapper, who has two children, Kulture Kiari Cephus (3 years) e Wave Set Cephus (8 months), shared the video Tuesday, after fellow rapper and new mom Kash Doll he asked on Twitter: “Aye Bardi how the hell do you change a diaper with your nails?“, Tagging Cardi B, who responded promptly with the video.

In the video, the rapper is busy making a real one tutorial using a Teddy bear: With super long coral red nails, Cardi B unhooks the plush onesie to reveal a nappy that she pulls off with agility and skill, showing how to use the wipes to clean well “when there is too much poop“.

Next to her is her eldest daughter Kulture Kiari Cephushad with her husband and colleague Offset, who asks the mother why she cleans the bear’s butt. “It’s a long story“, He replies Cardi B with a laugh, while showing how to clean the “cracks“Of the puppet.

Successfully slipped on a new clean diaper, the rapper is about to hang up the onesie to the “child”. “This is the part I hate the most“, He says Cardi B. “I don’t know if it’s because I have two kids, so I could probably do it a little faster“.

Once the onesie has also been successfully put on, Cardi B explains how to put the pants on the bear, specifying that that is a part “difficult, but not too much“.

The colleague and friend Kash Doll she was thrilled by the video tutorial and replied to Cardi B: “Ok I’ll be back in a week and I’ll let you know how it’s going !!! Lol“.

Just like Kash Doll, too Cardi B she’s been changing a lot of diapers lately, after the birth of her own second child, Wave Set Cephusborn on September 4, had with her husband Offset. The first photos of the newcomer were shared on Instagram last month.

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