The secret series of ‘Star Wars’ that the ‘Spider-Man’ team prepares for Disney +

Disney’s acquisitions almost seem like bargains when put into perspective. In 2012 he bought Lucasfilm for 4,000 million dollars and thus be able to do what he wanted with the universe. starwars. The investment is already more than amortized just thinking about the titles produced so far (and the box office receipts) and those to come. And which one arouses the most curiosity? The secret project of Jon Watts, the director of the films of the spider-man by Tom Holland.

As reported Vanity FairJon Watts is working on a television series with Christopher Ford, one of the writers of Spider-Man: Homecoming, the tape that in 2017 started the fever for this new version of the superhero that is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At the moment it is rumored that it will be set in a period similar to that of The Mandalorian: after the events of return of the jedi including the fall of the Empire.

Director Jon Watts and screenwriter Christopher Ford reference Amblin’s titles from ‘ET’, ‘Gremlins’ and ‘The Goonies’

The interesting thing is the references they have on the table for the development of the project: its protagonists are expected to be very young because they want to be heir to the productions of Amblin, the studio founded by Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy, current president of Lucasfilm. I mean, it’s a Star Wars series about getting older and having more responsibilities with ET, Gremlins Y the goonies as main references.

Codenamed Grammar Rodeo, this series from Watts and Ford joins the launch pad for other upcoming Star Wars titles like the Star Wars-centric prequel. Obi-Wan Kenobi that premieres this coming May 27, the miniseries focused on Cassian Andor that is expected for this 2022, the spin-off focused on the Jedi Ahsoka performed by Rosario Dawson and should be released in 2023 and The Acolytethe series developed by Leslye Headland (russian-doll) and that features Amandla Stenberg as the protagonist.

What brushstrokes can be told about Andor, the closest release after Ewan McGregor’s Jedi? For example, Andor, who takes up the character from the movie Rogue One, will be “the path of a migrant”, in the words of actor Diego Luna, who once again gets into the skin of the character, and “the feeling of having to move” that ends up “shaping you as a person”.

It will be set during the height of the Empire’s power and the destruction of the soldier’s planet and features Tony Gilroy, who also worked on Rogue One, on the script, who indicated that it would be about Andor going on a rampage and also being “cynical and lost and a bit disaster” in a society that is radicalized by the attacks and submission of the Empire. At the moment, two seasons are confirmed.

‘Andor’ focuses on the path of the migrant while the character of ‘Rogue One’ is radicalized by seeing his planet fall into the clutches of the Empire

And about The Acolyte finally there is information about his place in the chronology of starwars: It will be the project that goes back the furthest in the history of the galaxy, set a century before the events of the phantom menace, chapter I of the film saga. In short, it will tell how the point of the appearance of the Galactic Empire was reached, the end of democracy and it is expected to be a thriller with martial arts as one of its attractions.

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