the revelation displaces the fans

Lionel Messi is once again a hot name at Inter: it was not just a suggestion of the market, the announcement displaces the fans.

During the summer transfer market of 2021, something unthinkable happened for many generations of football fans and enthusiasts. Lionel Messi left Barcelona to move to Paris Saint-Germain, due to economic limits imposed by La Liga on Barcelona. Indeed, the club could not have guaranteed a salary of a certain level to its flag.

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi at Inter: the announcement (LaPresse)

Thus, the Pulce left Catalonia in tears and was greeted with a great show of affection from its new fans. However, the exit from the Champions League he cracked the relations between the Parisian supporters and the football player, even booed in the season finale.

The future of Messi a question mark remains, but in the meantime important details emerge about the player’s negotiation with Inter: the announcement unleashes the Nerazzurri fans.

Inter on Messi: there is confirmation

Zanetti and Messi in a Champions League match
Zanetti and Messi in a Champions League match (LaPresse)

About a couple of years ago, Suning drove his fans crazy with a publicity stunt, which showed the silhouette of Lionel Messi projected on the Milan Cathedral. Even before this initiative, the former Barcelona forward was approached by the Nerazzurri club, but then the negotiations did not continue towards the right tracks.

To confirm it, think about it Beppe Marotta. The CEO of Inter announced through the interview with DAZN in the format “Marotta Masterclass” that Messi was very close to the Milanese club: “I had confirmation of this operation, but it does not concern my management but the Inter of the past. The Moratti era? I can not say it. I only say a past management to that of the present“.

Therefore, Serie A could have welcomed Leo Messi in the past decade. A market operation that would certainly have brought prestige to our championship, just like the passage of Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus.

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