The director of ‘Mad Max: Furiosa’ reveals new details of the story

Mad Max: Fury Road It changed everything there for 2015 when it hit theaters. The action film was a real success for Warner, which ended up reaching the public and becoming a cult production. A few years ago it was confirmed that George Millerarchitect of this post-apocalyptic universe, wanted to explore the Origins of Imperator Furiosa, one of the protagonists of the tape. And I started to prepare a prequel that has ended up confirming the actress Anya Taylor-Joy as a star Now, as they stand out from comic bookwe know some details of the history and weight of this production.

Furiosa: a prequel that could be considered the most important chapter in the saga

The interview, granted in a special way to dead linehas been made by webcam while the director was shooting the film in the Australian desert, and those responsible confirm that at the time of the statements he was working with the supervising stunt coordinator and the director of the second unit, Guy Norris. “We just started, and I’ll tell you how it all ends when it’s finished, but we’re off to a great start.”says Miller. “All I can say about my enthusiasm for making this movie is that, even though it’s the universe of Fury Roadwe also have differencesMiller continues.

Mad Max

“Once again, everything that will appear exceptionally familiar. And probably the biggest difference from the other movie is the time lapse. Fury Road happen for three days and two nights and this movie takes place over 15 years. So, we could say it’s a saga,” added the filmmaker, who is more than happy with the choice of Anya Taylor-Joy What Imperator Furiosa, the role that conquered locals and strangers and that Charlize Theron played in the original film. We know that Furiosa was kidnapped sometime in her youth, and that she was taken to the palace of Immortal Joe and their harn of women with the possibility of raising offspring. It is likely that the tape develops its life in the wastelands, a hostile and radioactive place.

The tape will tell a story over 15 years

Joining Taylor-Joy in the film will be Marvel star Chris Hemsworth, previously confirmed as the film’s villain. Furiosa will be released if all goes well in 2024as its production has been delayed several times.

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