Sues Kylie Jenner’s husband, Travis Scott, for having an abortion

More than six months have passed since the terrible accident happened at the Astroworld Festival, where 10 people died and there were a large number of injuries due to a human stampede in the middle of the presentation of rapper Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner’s partner. Following the accident, Travis Scott and concert promoter Live Nation have been involved in a myriad of lawsuits that have totaled several million dollars in victim compensation costs. Although the controversy had dissipated a bit with the birth of his second son with the businesswoman Kylie Jenner, the truth is that it has recently emerged, through some documents to which journalists from the magazine ‘Rolling Stone’ have had access, that a woman named Shanazia Williamson has launched a new legal battle against Travis Scott to seek compensation for the injuries he received the night of the Astroworld festival in the city of Houston, Texas. The lawsuit against Travis and the promoter of the event intends to point out the numerous negligence committed by the organization of the event that, in his opinion, did not have an adequate “design, security and supervision” plan.

Initially, the plaintiff only referred to the physical injuries she suffered during the human stampede at the concert. However, a month later she added another aggravating circumstance against Travis Scott. According to Shanazia Williamson’s testimony, the physical damage caused by the accident caused her “trouble breathing, chest pain and wounds” on one of his legs. In addition, she stated that due to this serious incident she lost the child she was expecting due to the multiple blows she received to her abdomen and belly. Due to this serious accusation, the plaintiff decided to rely on the current laws of the state of Texas (where the accident occurred) that determine that the death of a fetus or an abortion due to negligence can be considered reckless homicide in a lawsuit.

This would be the most serious accusation among the 5,000 people who have claimed to have suffered injuries as a result of the accident at the festival. After several weeks, the innumerable demands that were filed were included in the same legal case, managed by a single magistrate. Despite the multiple accusations against him, Travis Scott issued a “general settlement,” a legal term used in civil lawsuits that allows him to offer a general response to all charges and allegations against him. Sources close to the rapper have told TMZ that he planned to issue this response to all the civil lawsuits against him in this case and this is why the 275 cases were combined into a “multi-district litigation.” Travis Scott has defended himself against these accusations by stating that he was not aware of what was happening in the audience during his presentation, for which he is not responsible for what happened.

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