Sofía Vergara returns to television with an animated series

The Colombian women Sofia Vergara –the Colombian actress with the greatest international projection– is working on a project for Televisa Univisión.

It is an animated series created by the Colombian that is based on the successful film ‘Koati’, which premiered last year in Mexico and the United States, directed by Rodrigo Pérez-Castro, and featured the voices of Sofía Vergara and her husband joe manganiellobeside Edward Frank, adriana barraza, Evaluate Montaner, Sebastian Villalobos Y Carol G.

Nachí (a coati), Xochi (a monarch butterfly) and Pako (a glass frog) are typical animals of the South American fauna in danger of extinction. They embark on a dangerous adventure to stop an evil coral snake named Zaina from destroying their ecosystem.

“Following the success of our film, Koati, Vix and I are very excited to further explore the world of the film with a new animated series. This is the perfect place to continue expanding something that has been the passion of my team for many years. The values ​​of Koati and Vix, the goals and messages of family programming align in a wonderful way”, said Sofía Vergara at the presentation of the series in New York.

The Colombian actress, one of the best paid on American television, added that ‘Koati’ “is a beautiful animated film that was born from the pride of Latinos towards our culture and of our sense of responsibility for bringing to future generations a powerful message that our value and legacy”.

Similarly, he said that “Vix fits perfectly with this vision, because like Koati, it is content made by Latinos, for Latinos. I am very excited to embark on this new chapter of the Koati television series, to continue collaborating with Vix.”

Sofía Vergara will be the creator and protagonist of this new series aimed at families with children from 2 to 7 years old.

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