Sidearms are only available for one week in ‘Fortnite’


Epic Games has been going all out for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. Between the temporary removal of buildings, the addition of armored battle buses, and the removal of many weapons that haven’t been seen in seasons, Epic has ensured that there are no shortage of interesting factors added to the game as players take on the IO soldiers.

For one week only, players can use sidearms in their battles as a callback to Chapter 2 Season 8 of the game. But where do you find these weapons?

What are sidearms in ‘Fornite’?

Sidearms were originally introduced to Fortnite during the Cube Invasion of Chapter 2 Season 8. These weapons could only be found and used in Side Zones when they made their debut, though they were added to regular gameplay for this season of Fortnite.

The biggest difference between these weapons and the other traditional weapons you’ll find in the game is that instead of reloading them, you can shoot until the weapon overheats.

Source: Epic Games/Twitter

There is no magazine on either the Sideways Rifle or the Sideways Minigun; instead, they draw ammo directly from your inventory, meaning you won’t need to pause to reload.

With the Side Rifle, you can fire around 10 shots in a row before it overheats, while the Machine Gun will allow you to fire up to 54 rounds in a row before it cools down.

Where to find the side rifle and side machine gun in ‘Fortnite’.

Sidearms were originally only found in side chests, but since the side zone no longer exists, you’ll find sidearms in normal chests and floor loot.

Unfortunately, because these weapons are rare and slightly more powerful than traditional weapons, they will spawn at a much slower rate than the other weapons. This means that during the week that they are available, they will probably be difficult to find, both due to their rarity and the demand they will have.

That said, if you do manage to get your hands on one, you’ll find that they are incredibly useful weapons. They can be made even more powerful by upgrading them – simply head to any of the upgrade benches that are scattered around the island and spend some of your gold bullion to add extra attributes to them.

Unfortunately, the Sideways Scythe did not reappear in-game during this special event, but both weapons are still incredibly useful to have in your games.

Unfortunately, these weapons are only available until May 24, 2022, which means you’ll need to hunt one down sooner rather than later if you want to spend any time using it to its full potential. During this week there is also a series of challenges called Sideways Showdown, which offer more XP for completing missions.

While you won’t be able to keep the weapons after they go back into storage later this month, you should still take advantage of them while you can to rack up XP.


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