Seven free ‘apps’ to watch movies in ‘streaming’ could be the answer to alleviate your budget

The galloping inflation that reaches levels not seen in Costa Rica since 2014, and the rise in the exchange rate, threaten the pockets of thousands of families and force them to cut expenses in some areas that are considered non-essential, a reality to which services do not escape streaming of payment.

However, giving up all or some of these applications, including Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime and HBO Max, does not mean closing the door completely to this type of entertainment. There are multiple apps free with extensive portfolios of movies and series, in which thousands of content can be found legally and without putting too much pressure on household finances.

The nation reviewed some of the main options that this market offers you right now. These vary and there are spaces with programming in English and Spanish. There are multiple free applications that can be found online and in this case seven will be reviewed, which go beyond, yes, the well-known YouTube and Vimeo.

pluto tv

Pluto TV is an application that can be downloaded to smart devices and can be watched using any computer. In its content grid, it offers up to 250 live channels with programming from Paramount (BET, CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon and Paramount Pictures) and many other “on-demand” movies and series.

Among the series available to him are, for example, the complete six seasons of Schitt’s Creek, the comedy series that swept the Golden Globes in 2021; or all 18 seasons of South Park. You can also see classics like I dream of Jeannie waves Popeye Adventuresjust to mention a few examples.


ViX is an application of streaming in Spanish. She offers more than 100 live channels, owned by the Televisa-Univisión group. Likewise, it has additional hundreds of movies, series, soap operas and programs for children on demand, both from the same group and obtained through licenses.

As it is an application with content from Televisa-Univisión, mainly, on the site you can find productions such as 40 and 20, The Rose of Guadalupe, Frozen Rent, The P. Luche Family, A family of ten, Neighbours, Xh derbez and more. However, films and other external productions are also presented.


Tubi TV is an application with more than 40,000 contents, in more than 32 genres. Among them, some films in Spanish are included.

In the catalog of this application you can see movies from studios such as Lionsgate, MGM, Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros; as well as shows from A&E, Lifetime and Starz.

The offer of this means of streaming brings together productions ranging from the mid-20th century to some of recent years; and, among its search categories, it offers sections ranging from award winners to its highest rated on Rotten Tomatoes, Bollywood movies and its own collection of weekly recommendations.


Vudu, on the other hand, is an application of streaming free that offers a complete section of 10,656 movies and 842 series at no cost. In that last group you can find chapters from a huge number of options, including the traditional ones. alpha, Hell’s Kitchen, Thomas and his friends Y mr bean.

Free TV

Free TV also offers content in Spanish with a wide repertoire of movies and series. His current repertoire includes films such as Catch Me If You Can, by Tom Hanks and Leonardo Di Caprio, among others. However, the amount of its content is much less than the previous options.


Plex, like the aforementioned services, offers a large number of movies and series of various types and broadcast dates. In total, the page announces 50,000 titles. Among all of them you can find everything from music documentaries to Bollywood musicals or Western classics.

One of its main draws, however, is the 250 live TV channels it adds to that record. In its TV section, you can access news from agencies such as Reuters, USAToday either Yahoo Finance, among others. You can also watch movie and music channels. However, the vast majority of the content in this app is in English.


One last option in this count is Watchyour.TV. This is a page that allows access to 38 live channels, which offer programming made up entirely of television and classic movies in English.


Beyond deleting or closing app accounts from streaming of payment, another option for hundreds of users may be to rearrange their subscriptions. The prices of these applications can mean higher or lower burdens for households depending on how many service providers they pay, which ones they choose and the specific plan they choose on them.

For example, while Amazon charges $5.99 for its Prime Video service, Netflix drops as much as $15.99 for its (more expensive) family package.

It is for this reason that, in addition to evaluating the use of free options of streamingpeople can discuss a change in their plan type or the service they currently use to cut costs.

To review the catalogs of each application, in case you want to try one over another, the companies usually give each user periods of between one week and one month of trial that you could take advantage of to decide in which the return on what you paid offers a better relationship.

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