Salma Hayek’s diet trick to stay fit

The actress Salma Hayek is one of the most talented and beautiful Latin artists in Hollywood, who constantly shares with her 21 million followers on Instagram images of her life, where we can see her outfits and beauty looks, both from day to day and those with whom she attends important events.

She always looks incredible, even when she decides to go natural, without makeup or with her incipient gray hair, motivating us to be that woman who feels good about herself, with balance, at any age, both with and without makeup. Among the photos that she has shared of her are several in which she poses in a swimsuit and where you can best appreciate her figure.

Photo: Instagram @salmahayek

But what is the feeding trick from Salma Hayek for keeping fit to their 55 years? She has confessed that she is not a lover of subsistence allowance restrictive or the practice of exercisebut he does have a specific diet tip that works for him.

Photo: Instagram @salmahayek

Salma Hayek says no to diets and yes to natural juices

The Eternals actress expressed on the website of some organic juices that he founded a few years ago that he does not like to do diet. Some media report that he maintains a feeding balanced and nutritious, but you also give yourself permission to enjoy some foods that you love and might not be so healthy, because you don’t agree to do subsistence allowance restrictive.

Photo: Instagram @salmahayek

The Veracruzana also confessed that when she feels stressed she can seek comfort in meal, a situation with which many women can feel identified. For that reason, the actress has a feeding trick that he incorporates into his regimen occasionally and it is a diet of natural juices for a few days to detoxify the body, with fruits and vegetables. Since he likes to eat, it is his way of giving his body a break from time to time.

Photo: Instagram @juicegeneration

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Ensures that after doing this cleaning with juices feel more motivated to eat healthy consciously and not because of an emotional cause. “Cleaning is like my meditation. It makes me stop, focus and think about what I am putting into my body. I am committed to my health and I press the reset button ”, reads the aforementioned website.

It should be noted that before following this, or any other feeding advice, people should consult their doctor or nutritionist if it is favorable in their case and how to do it. In addition to remembering that nothing is going to replace a balanced diet to keep the body fit, but also healthy.

Salma Hayek’s physical activity

The Mexican actress told People magazine some time ago that he doesn’t have time to do exercise and who rarely steps in a gym. But he does another kind of physical activity as restorative yoga, which helps her tone her muscles without tension. In addition, he has also come to say that walking his dogs is a form of training, which we believe can also be very relaxing and fun.

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