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The actor Ryan Goslingnominated for two Oscars for ‘La La Land’ and ‘Half Nelson’, will play the role of a stuntman who works as a bounty hunter: he will in fact be the protagonist of the film ‘The Fall Guy’ (working title), film adaptation of the homonymous TV series (arrived in Italy as ‘Profession danger’). Directing will be David Leitch, former stuntman and director of action movies such as the first ‘John Wick’, ‘Atomic blonde’, ‘Deadpool 2’ and the future ‘Bullet Train’.

The show ‘Occupation peril’ it aired on ABC from 1981 to 1986. Created by prolific producer Glen A. Larson, it tells the story of a Hollywood stuntman who works as a bounty hunter to supplement his salary. In his adventures he is accompanied by a cousin and a novice stuntman and, sometimes, by an already experienced colleague. Together they use their professional knowledge to track down and catch criminals of various kinds: thieves, scammers, corrupt officials, fugitives and so on. The protagonist is played by Lee Majors, his cousin from Douglas Barr, the colleague from Heather Thomas.

This is not the first time trying to adapt the TV series for the big screen. For example, director McG and actor Dwayne Johnson tried it in 2013. Now the ball is in the hands of a new consortium, led by David Leitch. The plot of the film has not been officially revealed, but it is presumed that the basic structure resumes that of ‘Occupation Danger’. So Ryan Gosling will play the role of Lee Majors, while David Leitch will guarantee action scenes in abundance (it’s his trademark). At the moment there is no indication on the start of filming: however we know that it will take place in Australia.

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