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The specimen Justin Bieber X Vespa is a new exclusive model designed by the musical artist. In addition to being an icon, the Vespa also represents a suggestive basis for creative experimentation, observing the result of the collaboration with the Canadian star. In a movie proposed by Vespa Official on YouTube you can see the behind the scenes related to the project.


The engines combined with the model Justin Bieber X Vespa I am 50, 125 And 150 ccbearing in mind the most stringent regulations relating to emissions.
A White color covers various elements, from the grips to the saddle, including the 12-inch wheel rims. The tone-on-tone logo and the flames on the body are also particular, suggesting creativity and dynamism.
The aesthetic features remain the iconic ones of Vespa, noting a connected and protective body with the handlebar area that supports a rectangular headlight. The optical groups are full-LED and there is also an instrumentation on a full color TFT display, which can be associated with a mobile device.

Previously other interpretations have taken shape with well-known names such as Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior and Sean Wotherspoon. The collaboration with the young international pop star has produced another sought-after vision. A manifestation of the singer-songwriter’s artistic talent and passion for the historic Vespa brand, which becomes a distinctive result on the global scene.
This limited and exclusive edition is accompanied by a collection of accessories such as gloves, bag and helmet in a white color, aesthetically enlivened by “Justin spin”.

Video: Vespa Official
Photo: Vespa – Piaggio Group has been selected by the new Google News service,
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