Presents DLC Trailer — We Are Not Ñoños

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Minecraft x Angry Birds presents the DLC that brings angry birds and piggies to the world of Minecraft.

There are a lot of grumpy mobs in Minecraft. Creepers always seem a little angry to me (why else would they explode?) And luckily I’ve never met a smiling Enderman, but something even angrier is coming to the Overworld this month. You guessed it: Angry Birds is coming to the Minecraft Marketplace!

Here’s a secret: I always suspected that the pigs in Overworld are up to something. In my tundra base, they have been known to use the snow to jump their fence, and sometimes I find them huddled in a corner, snorting and whispering. I think they’re planning to overthrow my tradition of pig racing in favor of their favorite pastime: eating beets. But even the most cowardly plans of my piggies have nothing to do with the conniving pigs you’ll meet in the new Angry Birds DLC.

That’s right, in this unbelievably fantastic new world from Oreville Studios and Rovio Entertainment, the pigs are up to their old tricks again, and it’s up to you to stop them! Playing as Red, your mission is to rescue your kidnapped friends, by saving each rescued friend, you will not only earn their heartfelt thanks, but also unlock them as playable characters so you can use the unique abilities of Red, Chuck, Bomb, Stella and more.

Minecraft x Angry Birds: Presents DLC trailer

Minecraft Marketplace x Rovio Angry Birds DLC

If that’s not enough to keep you busy, how about a free Character Creator item to add to your game? You can claim Red’s hoodie for free in the locker room and get into the Angry Bird spirit in your Overworld! Does it sometimes feel like the pig pen is getting closer to the beet farm? But surely that’s just my imagination. Pigs would never plot something so cunning… would they?

You can now download the Angry Birds DLC in the Minecraft Marketplace here!

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