Paid WhatsApp Premium will arrive soon, but not as expected

Speculation, rumors and leaks about paid whatsapp premium they just fell behind. WABetaInfo has discovered in the WhatsApp app that the paid subscription is a reality and that it is being worked on. we tell you what is whatsapp premiumwhy will it be a payment service and which users it will affect. The good news is that, in almost all probability, it will not affect you.

Paying by WhatsApp will be a reality very soon

The company already has its form of monetize whatsapp. A service paid premium It has been discovered with some other advantages compared to users who do not pay. Everything revolves around whatsapp businessthe app for companies to manage a profile in the service.

This app will soon include a paid subscription called whatsapppremium. As an average user, it will not affect you, since the WhatsApp app to chat with friends will continue to be free.

The payment will be for a series of advantages when managing WhatsApp Business accounts. Not even all businesses will have to pay, only those that want certain advantages. Which are? This is what is known at the moment:

  • Synchronization of messages and content between 10 devices
  • Possibility of naming and differentiating each of the 10 devices synchronized for different employees
  • Customization of the shortened link that leads to the profile of whatsapp business of the company

More benefits may be included in this list of benefits, but so far only these 3 are known. The feature is not live yet, but it is already in the app code. It’s a matter of time before it’s official.

What Facebook wants to monetize WhatsApp it is nothing new and in this way you can do it without affecting the average user. Companies that want to have better control over their whatsapp profilebut not the users.

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