Miley Cyrus jokes about Selena Gomez’s imitation of her dressed only in a T-shirt | Present

Selena Gomez She made her debut this weekend as a monologuist and host of Saturday Night Live, one of the most important late-shows in the history of international television. And in addition to leaving the bar quite high, she left one of those moments that have become even more viral thanks to the response of the other protagonist: Miley Cyrus.

At the start of her monologue, the singer and actress said that she was very excited to be on the program and that she had seen it since she was little with her mother, to whom she sent an affectionate greeting. She then recounted that she started acting when she was seven years old and that she has been very lucky to work with big names in Hollywood. That’s how she went on to say that the first show she was on was Barney’s and now she’s on Only Murders in the Building.

During a moment of her monologue, the American soloist reviewed how important it was for her to be in front of the cameras on the television show and what some of her most relevant friends had told her. It was then that she invited her friend Miley to her monologue.

“I asked my old friend, Miley Cyrus, and she was like, ‘Just be yourself and have fun,’ and I was like, ‘Is that just an excuse for me to impersonate you on the show?’ so she said ‘Hell yes! I’m Miley Cyrus'” he said to the laughter of the audience present in the studio and in their homes.

The response has lived up to the imitation (not bad by the way). And it is that the characteristic tone of Miley is always accompanied by a rockstar attitude that we love. Charming, provocative, glamorous… all adjectives fall short if we take a look at the publication that she has given on her social networks to the wink of Selena Gomez in prime-time.

Because the “Hell yeah, I’m Miley Cyrus” is going to become a new musical war cry like that famous “It’s Britney, bitch”. And to ‘promote’ him, nothing better than a good photo on his official Instagram account. She dressed only in a shirt with the phrase in question, she has achieved another great moment on the networks that has gone viral.

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