long and very blond hair “Such and such to Beyoncé”

Elodie revolutionizes her look, changes her haircut, now she looks like Beyoncé. The singer went blonde, changes in her life ahead of her. Here is the photo she posted on her profile.

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Elodie, out of the school of Friends of Maria De Filippi, is a singer who has really made a lot of success despite finishing second in that edition of the talent. At the time the talent was won by Sergio Sylvestre, a great friend of him still today. But for her that was the occasion of her life, from summer hits to very successful pieces, today Elodie fully enters the current Italian music selection.

In the school of Friends she showed a very particular look, short pink hair, and since she left the school of looks she has changed it becoming more and more sensual over the years. Over the years Elodie has changed many haircuts from short to very long and very black, with pigtails, to new short and blond ones. But this time it hit everyone with this change, a bombshell and looks a lot like Beyoncè.

Elodie: the new haircut drives everyone crazy, she is very blonde

The singer amazed her fans again after making a lot of talk about herself with the release of the song Bath at midnight. Are you wondering why? For the super sensual video that perhaps in the last period is also the most watched. The song immediately became a catchphrase and above all it strikes the sensuality that the young woman has been able to grasp over the years, also learning to dance to enrich her songs even more.

But Elodie may have wanted to cut the past with this new haircut, after breaking up with her colleague, Marracash. In fact, she chose a blonde look showing the new cut with soft waves. Elodie kept the dark base and then did some warm shades, and she looks really goodthe colors blend perfectly with her olive complexion.

Many compliments that arrived under the photo that Elodie shared on her official Instagram profile, many comments but also many likes. She looks just like such a goddess and everyone agrees indeed someone also finds some resemblance to the singer Beyoncè, certainly they are different but both two beautiful beauties.

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