last days to enjoy an elegant and fun thriller that will have a sequel soon

It has recently been announced that Blake Lively, Anna Kendrick and the manager Paul Feig they would reunite years after their small great success, precisely to shoot a sequel to said success. ‘A small favor’ was a fresh and adult proposal within the 2018 billboard that was well received, and now Lionsgate and Amazon Studios will produce a sequel.

It is not clear if this sequel will go directly to the Prime Video platform or will go to theaters like its predecessor. The fact is that the original cannot be found on the Amazon platform, but on Netflix, where it will remain there for a very limited time. The Saturday May 21 leave the catalogand you should take advantage of these days to recover a film as intriguing as it is fun.

Not everything is what it seems

Based on a novel Darcy Bell, ‘A Small Favor’ places us in the perspective of the character of Anna Kendrick, a simple housewife whose most exciting thing is a small video blog where she shares recipes and advice for other mothers in a hurry. She’s not exactly the alpha of the school’s parent group, though she suddenly will forge an unexpected friendship.

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That friendship is with the character of Blake Lively, the mother of a boy who becomes a new best friend of Kendrick’s son, and who could not have a more opposite life. An opulent house, sophisticated clothes, a successful job, a handsome young husband (Henry Golding)… Almost everything a woman could wish for. Although nothing is really what it seems behind appearances.

Directed by Paul Feig, who makes a Hitchcockian intrigue thriller, with mysteries and traumas from the past that are revealed in an investigation process. Dark shades, but without losing sophistication or giving up the touch of comedy that characterizes it.. Those little funny details derived from improvisation, which he already patented in films like ‘My best friend’s wedding’ or ‘Spies’, give a certain freshness and complement the suspense.

‘A Small Favor’: Sophisticated, Intriguing, Funny

The good chemistry between Lively and Kendrick is another of the keys, along with the tone, that land the proposal for ‘A Small Favor’. both defend complex characters with more chiaroscuro than it seems. Kendrick spins the typical character so well-intentioned that it seems too old-fashioned, while Lively plays with different nuances while maintaining a composure of a big star.

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The film always maintains a tone of suspense, thanks to a very well measured and used montage, and manages to sustain its dark twists without giving up a certain lightness. Those ambitions end up marrying well with his desire to connect on a commercial level, which he more than achieved, grossing almost 100 million at the box office worldwide.

It’s no surprise that a sequel is now in the works. So You shouldn’t let this last chance pass you by to retrieve it or discover it for the first time.

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