Larissa Riquelme shows off her figure with a tight body in a ‘spicy’ postcard

The Paraguayan model, actress and television presenter, Larissa Riquelmehas turned on social networks again, revealing the most hidden of her beauty, being the center of attention of her followers.

The best known as ‘The Bride of the World Cup‘ she shared on her personal account on Instagram, the photograph where you can see how she admires the view from the heights of her apartment and showing her curves with a fitted and tight body.

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Inside the postcard, the model Larissa Riquelme launched a thoughtful message so that other women and people can overcome the problem of ‘cyberbullying’ that is currently being experienced in the world.

After the postcard went viral, the reactions from its almost two million followers on Instagramhighlighting the beauty of the Paraguayan actress with one or another compliment in the comments.

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