Kendall Jenner’s micro bikinis with which you can tan your skin this summer

The summer It is one of the favorite times of the year for many people and it is just a stone’s throw away with the perfect weather and the most anticipated holiday season to travel to the beach and enjoy the Sun until you get the Sun tanning as uniform as possible and for this the micro bikinis they are more than necessary. Although many celebrities have worn and boasted on social networks, one of the favorites is Kendall Jennerwho has shown to have the best style of this season.

Well, like few celebrities, Kendall Jenner has shown off her slim figure, something that differentiates her from the rest of her sisters’ curves, with the daring micro bikinis for how revealing they are; however, they are the perfect designs for those who love to spend hours in the sun until their skin is the perfect shade of Sun tanning.

So to take advantage of this summer and show off a tan of envy, it is best to take inspiration from the model, who is one of the great icons of fashion. And it is that the member of the Kardashian clan is not afraid to wear the smallest clothes or go topless in order to get a skin with an even tone; Proof of this is this photo in which she took off her swimsuit top and turned on the net.

Going topless is an excellent option to achieve an even tan. (Photo: Instagram @kendalljenner)

On the other hand, micro bikinis they also stand out for only covering strategic areas of the body and having thin straps or straps with which to prevent these areas from remaining the natural color of the skin. Of course, Kendall Jenner she has become adept at wearing this type of swimsuit, even in the most extreme climates during the winter. It should be noted that although the summer is full of the brightest colors, the black is the perfect trend to use.

While those people who seek to carry with them all the tropical summer energy, colored bikinis like yellow and prints with neon tones are the best option. At this other extreme, the American model has worn a two-piece swimsuit in which the top stands out for its strapless cut, while the panties are made of dental floss.

According to the famous, accessories such as beach hats are perfect to elevate the look in a bikini and also to protect delicate areas such as the face.

In addition to the snow, this bikini is ideal for the beach. (Photo: Instagram @kendalljenner)
The thin straps help to have an even tan. (Photo: Instagram @kendalljenner)

Following the trend of bright colors, Kendall Jenner has shown that simple designs without prints They are also a perfect option to cause a sensation and snatch looks; however, it has been worn with classic models such as tops with a triangular cut and ribbons tied behind the neck and back.

Likewise, less sensational options with micro bikinis in nude tones are another alternative to use this summer, but to use them it is necessary to take care of all the previous aspects, since there are many designs with straps, cups and larger shots that can make the tan not so uniform. So there is no excuse not to take advantage of the next vacation to spend hours under the Sun until you achieve the ideal shade.

According to Kendall Jenner, wearing hats in the same color as the bikini is a great fashion statement. (Photo: Instagram @kendalljenner)
Nude bikinis are in fashion and Kendall Jenner knows it better than anyone. (Photo: Instagram @kendalljenner)


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