Jennifer Lopez teaches how to combine high-waisted jeans at 50+

If there is someone capable of stealing a sigh, it is Jennifer Lopez. Whether it’s on a stage where she dazzles with heart-stopping outfits, or on the streets of Los Angeles with casual clothes that highlight her Latin silhouette. However, since Ben Affleck came back into his life he has been more Jenny from the block never.

American singer, Jennifer Lopezwill become your next style inspiration, and not just because of a sumptuous dress or your next appearance in half-time on Netflix. This time, he will be in charge of demonstrating how to carry high-waisted jeans with basic tops. A simple bet that Kendall Jenner also resorts to. Are you willing to save the I don’t know what to wear? There is not the slightest doubt.

The protagonist of Marry Me chose a timeless look that becomes nostalgic, as it refers to the two thousand. jeans without pockets with braided details on the waistband and halter top, only now it fuses them in an avant-garde key.

How to combine high-waisted jeans with a halter top like Jennifer Lopez?

Jennifer Lopez combines high-waisted jeans with a halter top, a surefire style key.


The hip jeans they didn’t come to replace those high waisted, it’s just a revival of fashion, let us remember that everything is cyclical. But, to be sure of such a saying, it will be better to check the wardrobe of J.Lowho chose to star in an everyday day in about high waist jeans and flared boots, just what summer considers interesting.

To avoid falling into mistakes when carrying high waist jeansthe businesswoman opted to unite them to a halter top. The design that looks good at any age. Yes, it stylizes like never before, and in your 50s you will be able to use it. here a spoilers fashionable: we will return the film, just a few months, when he was seduced by a outfits masculine made up of paper bag trousers, Oxfords and the same top. This has the ability to make any basic cool of the wardrobe. In turn, it makes repeating pieces inconspicuous.

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