J Balvin launches Oye, a bilingual app for emotional well-being

Superstar J Balvin announced the creation of Oye, a new bilingual, interactive wellness app that will offer daily creative practices in Spanish and English beginning in September.

Oye is an application for new generations to empower the Latinx community with accessible resources and wellness tools “to feel better, grow personally and build a community from wherever they are,” said a statement from the Colombian singer.

The app seeks to provide a safe space for its members around the world to learn how to make wellness part of our daily lives.

Through the creation of “unique content and daily wellness practices in Spanish and English, Oye facilitates the balance between emotional well-being, physical health and personal relationships.”

The idea for Oye was born out of Balvin’s personal experience with his mental health, which inspires him to want to help millions of people overcome similar obstacles.

It is the brainchild of Colombian singer-songwriter, and co-founder and Chief Dream Office, along with happiness activist Mario Chamorro, global creative and social impact executive Patrick Down, and journalist and media executive Isaac Lee.

People who “register in Oye before its launch in September, will receive 1 free year of membership, with access to different content and bilingual emotional resources, as well as personal updates from Balvin.”

The singer has been outspoken about his personal struggles with mental health, a subject still considered taboo by a significant portion of the Latino community.

Due to my own path with mental health, for some time I wanted to create a company focused on the community that could have an impact in key areas related to emotional well-being, “said Balvin, according to information from Noristarz.

The path to health “is different for each person, and deeply personal. Our intention is to encourage and enable people to prioritize their mental and emotional health, and also offer opportunities to the global community so that everyone can create their own world of wellness creatively.”

To bring this project to light, Balvin appointed Carlos Lopez, his personal therapist and leader in psychiatry and research in Latin America, as the Director of the Oye Wellness Council along with Mari Sierra, Director of Wellness of Oye, a leading Mexican in the world of well-being and an expert in the mind-body connection.

It will also explore the balance between emotional well-being, physical health, and social relationships through audio and video content in three categories: My Mind, expanding perspectives with sound journeys; My Body, changing moods with movement and breathing; and Mi Gente, social healing through authentic conversations.

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