ITV fans baffled by Tom Cruise’s involvement in Queen’s Jubilee celebrations


ITV fans were stunned when Mission Impossible actor Tom Cruise was asked to be part of the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations on Sunday May 16.

Phillip Schofield, 60, and Julie Etchingham, 52, of Host, seemed to be excited that the Top Gun star was around and eagerly waiting to talk to them about the upcoming June celebrations to honor Her Majesty The Queen.

As the ITV show was about to come to a halt, Julie said excitedly: “Only one of the biggest movie stars on the planet has dropped by to say hello, Tom Cruise will be here.”

Within minutes, Twitter was flooded with fans asking why the American actor was part of the production.

One person wrote: “This @ITV jubilee celebration show looks absolutely annoying. Why is Tom Cruise involved? Does he have a #Jubilee #ITV movie? Not enough celebrities have RSVP’d for the Jubilee invitation!”

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A second echoed: “Erm, let’s ask Tom Cruise!” #Platinum Jubilee #itv”.

While a third added: “Watching the Jubilee thing just to see what Tom Cruise is doing there.”

Even This Morning star Phillip Schofield seemed confused as to why the Hollywood actor had agreed to be a part of the show.

Even a surprised Phillip questioned the Mission: Impossible star about his attendance (Picture: ITV)

Phillip asked, “What made you say yes to this one?”

Tom replied, “Well, I was very honored, she is a woman that I admire a lot.

“I think he is someone who has tremendous dignity and I admire his devotion and what he has achieved has been historic.”

He added: “I always remember when I was a kid, you know, seeing pictures of her and I’ve traveled a lot as a kid and I came to England and I started making movies here in 1982.

Tom said it was “an honour” to be invited (Image: ITV)

“I started producing movies even before I brought them here in 1982 because I liked the crews, the people and the generations of family that I’ve worked with and I love the story.

“I just have a lot of respect for her, so they asked us and I said ‘it would be an honor to be here'”.

Tom went on to reveal that he had actually traveled to Windsor on foot and was completely mugged by fans during his walk.

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