Is the same? Marc Anthony gives Nobody Ferreira an engagement ring similar to the one he gave JLO

Since a few days ago the beautiful couple by Marc Anthony share a photo of the expensive engagement ring the salsero gave her, some of the Jennifer Lopez fans they noticed something curious around the jewel.

And it is that this jewel, besides being as beautiful as Nadia Ferrera bears a certain resemblance to the engagement ring that at the time Marc Anthony gave JLo.

However, after the comments surfaced that revealed the similarities between the two rings, some jewelry experts began to analyze the diamonds in question and concluded that one is considerably more expensive than the other.

Marc Anthony intends to reach the altar hand in hand with Nadia Ferreira

As suggested by some jewelers, the ring that Marc Anthony gave to Miss Universe Panama It is valued at about half a million dollars, which is equivalent to about 10 million pesos.

“The giant diamond in Nadia’s ring is probably at least 10 carats, and I estimate the value to be half a million dollars,” said Mike Fried, CEO of The Diamond Pro.

For its part, the jewel that Marc Anthony gave him to his second wife in 2004, has a value of four million dollars, that is, 80 million pesos.

Which ring do you like the most?

The jewel that crowned the romance of the musical artists comes from the Harry Winston house, and it is a jewel with a delicate 8.5 carat blue color, which is considered one of the most exquisite jewels of the firm.

Today, Jennifer Lopez is engaged to Ben Affleckwith whom a few years ago he had already had a romantic bond.

Marc Anthony’s ex-wife is also close to getting married

In case this time JLo and Ben Affleck If they get married, the singer, actress and model will walk down the aisle for the fourth time. While the wedding with Nadia Ferrera means the fourth marriage for Marc Anthony.


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